Secret Shop FAQ

This section provides general answers to some common questions to the Macguffins, Ltd Secret Shop and Mote System. The Mote System was officially introduced to the server on the 1st of July 2022 and it has been a learning experience for all involved. We have put together the following FAQ to help players, both old and new, easily access Mustard's shop and the Mote system. More information on the Mote System can be located in Motes and the Secret Shop

How do I get magic items on the server?

As of the writing of this document, the primary avenue to acquire magic items is by entering #shop-of-secrets in character and either put in a request for the magic item you would like to purchase or use the Motes you have acquired to trade in for that sweet magic item you desire. 

If you are more of a martial based character that likes to get into the thick of things, then you are able to ask Grognar for help in crafting various weapons and armours by collecting specific monster parts through the Colosseum. More information about Grognar can be found in #downtime-overview or by clicking the following link Grognar and Magic Items

Players are also able to purchase a limited selection of magic items through the various shops by using their hard earned coin. The breakdown is as follows:
#abi-dalzims-horny-wildlings-shoppe sells scrolls, common magic items and spell components (e.g. diamonds)
#bottle-shock sells select poisons and potions (including health potions)
#general-nonsense sells all your adventuring gear needs, niche items (e.g. music instruments), wild magic surge stones (Lvl 1-3) and free cookies
#kronks-krushers-and-kleavers sells +1 weapons, +1 armour, mundane armour, mundane weapons
#temple-services sells basic health potions, temple themed adventuring gear (e.g. holy symbols) and magical services (e.g. resurrections)
#unfamiliar-familiars sells pets, animals, mounts, spell components (e.g. bat guano), clothes and offers a mail service.

What are Motes and how do I get them?

Motes are pure magical essences that are starting to grow on the upper branches of the gargantuan tree. Certain individuals mould these essences into dazzlingly, glowing white spheres that can be used to create magical items. Currently, Motes can be obtained through several means which include:

  • Questing
  • Partaking and being active in Mini-Events and Server Events
  • Being active in the RP channels
  • Being an active Helper
  • Becoming a DM and running quests on the server. 
  • Trading in Uncommon and higher non-consumable items for half their Mote.

Mustard has just posted a list of items but what does the "*" mean?

The asterisk ("*") denotes that in order to purchase the item, you will need to complete a flavourful task through Downtime.  Players will be able to complete their flavour task at any point prior to purchasing the item - i.e. they can begin working on the task before saving up sufficient Motes to purchase the item. Once the flavour task is completed, they simply pay the necessary Motes and acquire the item. Flavour tasks may not be required for all items, and may vary from posting a small RP scene to completing a particular downtime X times to encountering a particular monster. Downtime-Helpers are encouraged to provide a small RP scene upon successful completion of a flavour task.

How do I request an Item?

Items are to be requested in character in #shop-of-secretsto promote RP and players can choose to ||censor|| their request if they so wish. Remember that players are only allowed to make one Mote purchase a fortnight. It is the intention that any item requested will appear in the shop the following fortnight, unless that item is on the list of restricted items.

To make sure that your requested item is not missed during the update, ensure that it is eye catching and easy to find by typing **PlayerName requests ||Magic Item||**. Remember that your requested item will only stay in stock for a single fortnight unless you ensure to request the item again or it is a very popular item. We do try our best to reserve items for the player that requested them, however, if a player requests multiple items then they may be sold off to other players. 

Additionally, we also run our silent auction for the consumable items. To purchase a consumable item through Mustard you must put down your bid in increments of 50 gold. For example **PlayerName bids on Necklace of Fireballs (1) ||450 GP||**

How much does the Magic Item X cost?

Magic items are priced on a scaling system that is based on demand. This Scaling will be done based on how frequently an item is purchased. Any item sold in the previous fortnight more than once will have its price increase, items sold once will have their prices remain the same, items not sold for several fortnights in a row will have their price decrease unless deemed too powerful. The price for a particular item will not be made public until it is posted in the #shop-of-secrets channel due to this minute fluctuations. However, items of the same rarity will have similar prices unless its power is higher or lower than the rarity average. For example, The Cloak of Protection is determined to be a fairly strong and popular item while also having its identical sibling the Ring of Protection in a higher rarity bracket. Therefore, the Cloak of Protection will be priced far higher than a Bag of Holding which is another very popular item.