Item Restrictions

Just like any in person or digital table, the DM may impose a variety of restrictions on the players to ensure that their game runs smoothly and is enjoyable for everyone at their table. For example the limitations on the variety of classes or races available during character creation, the availability of optional rules, or the list of items that may be acquired by their players. To ensure a fair playing field for all players from level 3 to 20 and to reduce the stress on our amazing DMs, we have decided to limit or restrict the accessibility of particular items for a variety of reasons. Generally, these are broken down into four main categories, or groups, which include scope, power, balance, and unforeseen circumstances.

Group 1

The following items have been restricted due to being beyond the scope of the server, i.e. items that don't fit the theme of Macguffins, Ltd, end game magic items and beyond

All Legendary and Artefact magic items as well as Smokepowder are not available. 

Group 2

The following items have been restricted as they have been deemed too powerful for the style of West Marches experience that we have cultivated. 

Item Rarity
All-Purpose Tool, +1 Uncommon
Amulet of the Devout, +1 Uncommon
Arcane Grimoire, +1 Uncommon
Bloodwell Vial, +1


Dragonhide Belt, +1 Uncommon

Moon Sickle, +1

Rhythm-Maker's Drum, +1 Uncommon
Rod of the Pact Keeper, +1 Uncommon
Wand of Magic Missiles Uncommon
All-Purpose Tool, +2 Rare
Amulet of the Devout, +2 Rare
Arcane Grimoire, +2 Rare
Bloodwell Vial, +2 Rare
Dragonhide Belt, +2 Rare
Moon Sickle, +2 Rare
Rhythm-Maker's Drum, +2 Rare
Rod of the Pact Keeper, +2 Rare
Cloak of Displacement Rare
Failed Experiment Wand Rare
Mantle of Spell Resistance Rare
Reveler's Concertina Rare
Ring of Spell Storing Rare
Wand of Fireballs Rare
Wand of Lightning Bolts Rare
All-Purpose Tool, +3 Very Rare
Amulet of the Devout, +3 Very Rare
Arcane Grimoire, +3 Very Rare
Bloodwell Vial, +3 Very Rare
Dragonhide Belt, +3 Very Rare
Moon Sickle, +3 Very Rare
Rhythm-Maker's Drum, +3 Very Rare
Rod of the Pact Keeper, +3 Very Rare
Shield (*), +3 Very Rare
Wand of the War Mage, +3 Very Rare
Weapon, +3 Very Rare
Belt of Fire Giant Strength Very Rare
Horn of Valhalla, Bronze Very Rare
Nine Lives Stealer Very Rare
Robe of Stars Very Rare
Spellguard Shield Very Rare
Wand of Polymorph Very Rare

Group 3

The following items have been restricted because they would pose balancing issues in a West Marches Server. These balancing issues primarily arise through combat encounters because, unlike a table game, the specific DM is not in tune with the specifics capabilities and item interactions of the group of adventurers. 

Item Rarity
Broom of Flying Uncommon
Winged Boots Uncommon
Docent Rare
Flying Chariot Rare
Helm of Teleportation Rare
Horn of the Endless Maze Rare
Horn of Valhalla, Brass Rare
Horn of Valhalla, Silver Rare
Mind Lash Rare
Professor Skant Rare
Rod of Rulership Rare
Shield of Far Sight Rare
Wand of Viscid Globs Rare
Weird Tank Rare
Wings of Flying Rare
Amulet of the Planes Very Rare
Carpet of Flying Very Rare
Conch of Teleportation Very Rare
Helm of Devil Command Very Rare
Ioun Stone, Absorption Very Rare
Manual of Bodily Health Very Rare
Manual of Gainful Exercise Very Rare
Manual of Quickness of Action Very Rare
Navigation Orb Very Rare
Orb of the Veil Very Rare
Peregrine Mask Very Rare
Ring of Regeneration Very Rare
Rod of Absorption Very Rare
Soul Bag Very Rare
Timepiece of Travel Very Rare
Tome of Clear Thought Very Rare
Tome of Leadership and Influence Very Rare
Tome of Understanding Very Rare

Group 4

The following items have been restricted because they may cause issues between players and lead to unforeseen circumstances, specifically both intentional and unintentional PvP scenarios. 

Item Rarity
Infernal Puzzle Box Uncommon
Daern's Instant Fortress Rare
Wand of Wonder Rare
Devastation Orb of Air Very Rare
Devastation Orb of Earth Very Rare
Devastation Orb of Fire Very Rare
Devastation Orb of Water Very Rare
Efreeti Bottle Very Rare
Manual of Clay Golems Very Rare
Manual of Flesh Golems Very Rare
Manual of Iron Golems Very Rare
Manual of Stone Golems Very Rare
Mirror of Life Trapping Very Rare