Motes and the Secret Shop

We are proud to introduce a new and exciting way for players to gain magical items with the explicit goal of giving players the possibility to work towards acquiring a smaller number of character-defining items rather than accumulating a large number of typically random items they aren't inspired by. Instead of awarding magic items through quests, quests will instead award 2 Motes per 2 weeks of the quest length (or an approved HB item). These Motes can be spent by players in the #shop-of-secrets to buy the magic items they want!

The central, towering tree in Luna Pines is undergoing a strange transformation that has not been observed for at least several centuries. The thick branches high above, towards the clouds are bearing strange fruit that is less like the bountiful peaches we collect every year and are more akin to pure magical essences molded into dazzlingly, glowing white spheres. The shop keepers are experimenting with the spheres and believe that they can be used to unlock the secrets of magic item creation.

It is important to note that magic items are not created equally, and even within a rarity category they can vary quite widely in power level and applicability. To account for this, magic items will start at a base cost determined by their "power level" - which may be altered up/down from its published rarity with justification. This base cost will scale with demand to avoid too much homogeneity in player load outs.

Scaling By Demand

This Scaling will be done based on how frequently an item is purchased: any item sold in the previous fortnight more than once will have its price increase, items sold once will have their prices remain the same, items not sold for several fortnights in a row will have their price decrease unless deemed too powerful.

Selling Items

Sold items net half the base Mote value of the item and the prices of sold items will be updated every fortnight

Item Abundance

Each tier will have additional 3 slots which will be allocated to consumable items that will be sold for gold. The consumables will work on the silent auction framework.

  • Uncommon items have ~10 slots available
  • Rare items have ~5 slots available
  • Very Rare items have ~3 slots available

Mustard will now be a permanent fixture that updates his inventory every 2 weeks on the 8th and 22nd of every month.

Item Requests

Players are only allowed to make one Mote purchase a fortnight. Additionally, items are to be requested in character to promote RP and players can choose to ||censor|| their requests in #shop-of-secrets. It is the intention that any item requested will appear in the shop the following fortnight, unless that item is on the list of restricted items.

Acquiring Items

Requested items will be added to the shop the next cycle to inform players of the current cost of that item in Motes, as well as any additional flavourful tasks that must be completed to acquire that item. Players will be able to complete their flavour task at any point prior to purchasing the item - i.e. they can begin working on the task before saving up sufficient Motes to purchase the item. Once the flavour task is completed, they simply pay the necessary Motes and acquire the item. Flavour tasks may not be required for all items, and may vary from posting a small RP scene to completing a particular downtime X times to encountering a particular monster. Downtime-Helpers are encouraged to provide a small RP scene upon successful completion of a flavour task.

Frequently purchased items will remain in the shop so long as they remain popular and not need to be requested. DMs will be allowed to recommend flavourful items be added to the shop to reflect a quest they ran that recently completed.

Major Very Rare items will always need to be requested and require a flavourful task, whereas Minor Uncommon items will be least likely to require a flavourful task.

Remember that the requested item must not be on the banned item list.