Player Businesses

While no particular channel exists for any of these businesses, you can feel free to talk to the player and interact with them at their place of business using the #town-{1,2,3} or #edge-{1,2,3} channels! Below is the businesses in order of creation.

List of Businesses

Crafting Businesses

  • The Pelvurian Campfire Restaurant (cooking) - owner: Aralyn
  • Happy Flour (baking) - owner: Euphie/Noelle (retired)
  • Beached Whale Brewing Company (ale brewing) - owner: Butch
  • Frayedmane's Aegis (smithy) - owner: Kyrgos
  • Stralgurd's New Anvil (smithy) - owner: Spark of the Anvil
  • Mushy Stand (herbalism) - owner: Olamina
  • Academy Leatherworkers (leatherworking) - owner: Jordy (formerly: Weatherman's Leather and Saddle)
  • Firebeard Brewery (ale brewing) - owner: Bromir
  • Thessalhydra Taproom (beer brewing) - owner: Skoth Cider-Claw

Health & Wellbeing

  • Light for Lost Souls - owner: Baerla
  • Bostelle and Academy Rehabilitation - owner: Jowan
  • Medication and Healing Centre - owner: Rhaegar
  • The Black Stone - owner: Tiannah
  • Dwarven Resilience Gym - owner: Grix
  • Capped Tusk Free - owner: Equiminious
  • Rage and Grace - owner: Erik
  • Pick Up a Cup! - owner: Ulgar

Research / Investigation / Teaching

  • Hellblazed Lament: Private Investigations & Bounties - owner: Myrghion
  • Dragon's Lair Library - owner: Biri
  • Coving Hall of Interdisciplinary Magic Education and Studies (CHIMES) - owner: Relinquish
  • Stralgurd Pines Academy (SPA) - owner: Arkhonheim
  • Lion's Pride Legal Services - owner: Heracles
  • Meril Sword Fighting Academy - owner: Alron
  • The Guard Jousting and Training Gym - owner: Maeve

Other Businesses

  • Dragon Delivery - owner: Ryukage
  • Stralgurd Pines Animal Sanctuary - owner: Mythvari/Phoenix
  • Search and Rescue - owner: Finny
  • There and Back Again - owner: Willow
  • Raven's Quill - owner: Neith
  • Creative Collective's Gallery - owner: Orbin
  • The Folly of the Muse Theatre - owner: Theyne
  • Twinkle Moss Tavern - owner: Keyleth
  • Brooks Bubbles - owner: Brook (left the server)
  • Levistus' Dry Cleaner - owner: Levistus
  • Greyhawk Farms - owner: Slyfoot
  • Rat's Mirror - owner: Marielle
  • Court Life - owner: Tristan

If you would like a description of each establishment along with their owner then make sure to check out Player Businesses

Want to add your own business to this list? Check out the Running a Business Downtime! More information here: Downtime Activities.