Player Businesses

Twinkle Moss Tavern

Owned by - Keyleth (Strat)

Then Twinkle Moss Tavern is a strange place. Nestled in one of the seedier parts of town, it nonetheless tries to present an air of elegance and refinement on the exterior. The interior is left dim, lit by strange, glowing moss from the Underdark, which conveniently provides lots of dim corners to lurk in. Conversation is usually made in hushed tones, allowing patrons to enjoy relative solitude.
Keyleth's primary assistant, Hesil Chiselsmith, is an ex-sailor who specializes in the elusive Dwarven Shipbuilder's Rum, a secret recipe which Twinkle Moss Tavern has only recently acquired. The dwarf stepped away from life at sea after the death of his twin, Basil.

The Raven’s Quill

Owned by - Neith (LightningNevan)

The Raven's Quill is a curious mystic shop nestled into the edge of the grove that surrounds Luna Pine. The shop creates a mysterious environment designed to draw in customers through curiosity. The interior is dimly lit by dozens of hanging wax candles and several bubbling cauldrons full of coloured smoke scattered throughout the floor. Beautiful darker flower arrangements fill vases and hang from the ceiling giving an earthly vibe while the back wall is overflowing with hundreds of different concoctions and spices.

The Weatherman's Leather and Saddle

Owned by - Godric (Darman)

The Weatherman's Leather and Saddle shop is less of a shop and more a classroom. A portion of the Luna Pines Academy dedicated to the education and demonstration of how to craft leather goods. The children that spend their time learning with Godric spend their mornings learning the various tools and techniques of the craft. They then spend the afternoon acting as his apprentices as Godric fills small orders that the college has obtained. On the Weekends, Godric takes the children to the Horse Farm to learn horsemanship. In return, the children clean up after the horses and clean out the stables.

Beached Whale Brewing Company

Owned by - Butch (Baumer)

Upon his arrival in Luna Pine, Butch liked it so much (despite his initial meeting with a creepy pirate) that he decided to stay, and setup shop. Butch put down a sizable down payment, and with the help of the Bank of Luna Pine, he was able to begin brewing fine beers. The Beached Whale Brewing Company prides itself in creating quality beer that goes above and beyond your typical tavern ales. BWBC focuses on darker beers, such as stouts, porters, and barleywine... sometimes venturing into mulled wines for special occasions. With the help of @Noelle (Aeslyn) and @Euphie Hilltopple (CrownedSteve) Butch has been relatively successful, and plans on selling his beer to The Half-Full Horn.

Stralgurd Pines Academy S.P.A.

Owned by - Broheim Stralgurd (Ryder)

Stalgurd Pines Academy is the home of Luna's youngest and brightest minds. Its large imposing building belies a friendly and nurturing atmosphere. Many of the town's unfortunate have also found renewed hope within these walls having access to quality education for free! With a varied curriculum ranging from traditional subjects to trades like leatherworking, herbalism to even life skills such as forest survival and horse riding. The temple conducts weekly voluntary religious seminars for those so inclined. Some say there are secrets in there while others scoff at such rumors. Regardless as the children are often quick to say...SPA is a magical place.

Happy Flour

Owned by - Euphie Hilltopple (CrowndSteve)

The front end of Happy Flour is lined with large windows and at each of the windows is a large table that could sit four to six people. The dining room is large and airy, very inviting. At one end of the dining room is a counter where patrons would line up to purchase their baked goods. There is a section dedicated to the specials of the day, perhaps soups, sandwiches, and other light or handy foods.There is one section in particular, it’s set a bit higher than the rest and within, you would see the special of the week. A pastry or loaf that has been the goal of the weekly lesson with an award placed beside it. Above this section would be a plate with samples of the special that invite patrons to taste the pride and accomplishments of hard working students. Across from the counter is a series of portraits, each depicting a member of Euphie’s family and students.
In a corner of the dining room, adjacent to the wall of portraits, there’s a small stage where amateur performers hone their craft in front of an audience, be it music, speeches, or poetry. The stage is raised about a foot from the rest of the dining room to elevate the performer. There is enough room for a few people but not so large as to overtake the rest of the room. Currently there sits a chair with a bodhran on it, for when Euphie decides to take the stage.
In the back room is where the magic happens. Talented hands make scrumptious treats that can be enjoyed by all. In the kitchen you would see a large butcher block table that would sit slightly higher than a normal table would. You can see from the flour coating it, that the table is well used and well loved. There’s plenty of room around the table for students to watch and learn from the master. Lining the walls would be various devices that aid in the crafting of breads, pastries, and other such items. A large stand mixer would sit in the corner with a bowl that measures about 30” in diameter with a large mixing arm that descends into it. It’s unclear what powers the mixer, perhaps it’s some of the same magic that infuses the baked goods.
There is a small window in the kitchen that looks out into the dining room. From the window, one could see the stage and any performer brave enough to display their talents. Along the back wall is a row of hooks where hangs various aprons belonging to students. No kitchen would be complete without an oven. The large square door sits in the middle of one of the side walls. Upon opening it, one would see that there is plenty of room for any and all items to fit. The thick slate floor of the oven would keep the temperature consistent long after the fires had gone out. Below the oven is the fire box. A blaze lit here would warm the entire oven to optimal temp and keep it going for the day. On the opposite wall would be a long three bay sink. Perfect for washing up and keeping things clean.

There and Back Again

Owned by - Willow (CloakedSage)

On the outskirts of Luna Pine nestled between the hills and surrounding forest rests a small unassuming cabin with a sign that reads "There and Back Again". The above ground portion of the business is nothing special. A few canoes and kayaks rest up against the retaining wall. Stepping inside there's a simple front counter with a list of available expeditions and a ledger containing upcoming appointments. Moving past the front counter lies a trap door that leads down to a naturally formed cavern multiple times bigger than the room above. The cavern houses an assortment of outdoor gear for rent and for purchase. Lastly, another section of the basement holds a simple enough sitting area and drafting table for future employees to relax and map out new routes or discovered paths.

Coving Hall of Interdisciplinary Magic Education and Studies (CHIMES)

Owned by - Relinquish! (Kaution?)

Located as a wing under the Advanced Magic Studies department of Stralgurd Pines Academy, the Coving Hall of Interdisciplinary Magic Education and Studies (CHIMES) promotes and teaches safe and effective use of magic in everyday life. Students are accepted from all schools of magic, and are taught hands-on by some of Luna Pine's leading professors on everything from practical uses of everyday spells to complex magic that can help shape society. Funded and constructed by Barbera Coving in honor of her late brother Bismark, it consists of a lecture hall for students, and a few offices for the educators. Students can expect a challenging but inspirational set of classes, currently taught by Sebastian "Relinquish" Coving, on the different schools of magic and their uses, the effect of magic in the real world, and guidance in becoming leaders of society for future generations.

The Exchange Legitimate Assets Fringe

Owned by - Elaf (Laendri)

A huge cave on the outskirts of Luna Pine hosts the Exchange Legitimate Assets Fringe business. A gambling saloon like no other where absolutely everyone is welcome and everything and anything came be made a game, bet on it, and gamble your possessions on. From eating contests, to skunk juggling, if you are looking for a way to exchange your assets, you will find the appropriate stocks in here!

Despite being a cave the place is warm, and different zones host the different events. Quite a bit of less civilized races frequent the Fringe, as one of the few places where they are able to interact with more civilized characters without the obstacles of the law.

When Elaf is not around making up the craziest games it's left in the hands of a group of goblins and their leader, Orogoth, an intimidating troll that makes sure everything is in order and nobody cheats too much. The Fringe only opens at nights, mainly because Orogoth fights in the arena during the day, and quite the usual clientele prefer to hide from the sun

Dragon Delivery

Owned by - Ryukage (phx)

A small, nondescript building tucked against the great tree of Luna Pines, Dragon Delivery offers a simple, but unique service to the residents: sending messages and packages alike. Inside the shop, you will see an assortment of tools and papers, but no merchandise for sale. No records of any kind of its client base can be found inside, as the business operates on two principles: the discretion and anonymity of its customers, and the reliability of its services. Ryukage and his helper specialize in traveling stealthily, keeping the existence of your job... non-existent.
Name: NightsPurr
Mod: Tradesperson +3
Tabaxi, female, black fur with tattoo-esque white markings dyed on her arm. Wildshapes into a common house cat to move around Luna Pines without a trace. Spent time as a scout for hunting parties before being hired on as an apprentice courier.

Hellblazed Lament: Private Investigations & Bounties

Owned by - Myrghion (kmac639)

A small shop nestled in one of the shadier areas of Luna Pines. A long narrow hallway leads into a dimly lit office. A single window looks out the building, painted on the glass in big letters Hellblazed Lament. On his desk are a sprawl of notebooks and casefiles. A small cabinet is filled with more.
Myrghion saddles up to his desk with a bottle of whiskey beside him and is ready for any customer ready to bring him cases. Missing people, escaped convicts, thieves' out of the legal reaches of the law, domestic and marital disputes. Myrghion will look into these affairs and more. The "detective" is on the case!

Stralgurd's Anvil

Owned by - Spark of the Anvil (Bushwhack)

A small shop selling predominantly weapons and small works like nails and Pitons. There are very few markings on the building other than a small, hand-painted wooden sign with the shops name written in Common, Elvish, and Dwarven. From the exterior, the workshop is nestled right outside, where Spark and Kyrgos can frequently be found working on various implements of war.

Owned by - Heracles (Mushroom)

An average sized shop located in the heart of the town near the square with a large sign reading 'Lion's Pride Legal Services'. To the side there's a small stable for one where a certain greyish white horse can be found. On the front door is an ornate lion door knocker and a sign reading "Always Open, Just Knock." Entering inside you'll find a front desk either manned by Heracles or Arden, who take turns on who sits up front. A small waiting room around the desk with a few chairs and tables where you'll often see a familiar grey tabby cat prowling about. Towards the back are both Arden and Heracles' offices. Inside Heracles' office you'll find the walls, shelves, and furniture adorned with several different trinkets. In the center is a large mahogany desk with a few more odd trinkets prominently displayed and behind that is a large book shelf. Beyond the locked door on the main floor is a stair case leading to the second floor now acting as a living area for Heracles and his cat, Herbert. Finally, guarded by lock and key, there's the attic. Nothing special there however, nothing at all...

Frayedmane's Aegis Builders

Owned by - Kyrgos (Kommizar)

Sure, Kronk can build spectacular pieces of arms and armor; but where else can you find an Aasimar, an awakened bush, and a fire elemental working side by side? Frayedmane's Aegis Builders, that's where. A modest, albeit sizable shop that caters to the individual desires of ownership for all those who want something unique when it comes to arms and armor. Whether it's the symbol of your deity emblazoned on the face of a shield or a cuirass to show off proudly; or a customized hilt for a sword, or an engraved head on the blade of an axe, we can do it all. Want to leave an imprint on your enemy's face next time you shield bash? Make sure it bears the mark of "F.A.B." Or perhaps there's something altogether unique that you didn't think possible before. Give us a try! We aim to please.

The Creative Collective's Gallery

Owned by - Orbin (Robinart)

Located within the underground of the main street, hides a quiet atmospheric place. This is a local arts gallery, specifically for local artists, performers, musicians to partake in showcasing their work. It is a gallery by day, events location by night. Exhibitions are frequently filled with adventure inspired art from the Luna Pines residents. A few words to describe the gallery include artisan, elegant and modern. Orbin can often be seen in the gallery as he manages the gallery with quite an iron grip. But the work reflects his stride for perfection. However, there are rumours of Orbin turning into a corner, only to vanish from a room...

Levistus' Dry Cleaners

Owned by - Levistus (i_suppose)

With all the other normal businesses, a law firm, a library, a smith, and others, it's only natural that someone would start a cleaning service. That's what this store's about! Come on in and get your clothes cleaned in 6 seconds or less, guaranteed! Quick, simple, and easy

Disclaimer: Will not clean anything bigger than a suit of armor