Grognar and Magic Items

Thanks to all the adventurers who have donated to make his dream forge a reality, we are proud to introduce our newest shop keeper Grognar and his brilliantly burning forge. Grognar Is a fire giant native to the Plane of Fire, he was saved from the Cult of the Eternal Fire by a party of adventurers from Luna Pine. However, due to disagreements with his brother over the ownership and direction of their smithy in the City of Brass, he was convinced to come to Luna Pines to set up his own smithy here now that the Luna Pine community has raised sufficient funds to build him his own giant-sized forge. He is a skill tradesman, both competitive and ambitious to grow and expand his business. But only a fool with a death wish would dare insult or disparage his work, as his competitive nature and a fire-y temper will remind anyone just how dangerous a giants can be when riled.

Grognar's purpose is to provide the ability for players to craft specific martial themed magical items through downtime. Players would be able to request items through the use of gold and specific monster parts that can be requested through the arena. The process is detailed below. 

How to Purchase Items

The buyer must pay for the materials above up front through the downtime channels. Afterwards the construction of the item will require labour equal in value to the gold cost of the materials. Luckily, you will not have to do this alone as Grognar completes 1,000 GP worth of work each week! It should be noted that orders are completed on a first-come-first-serve basis and only one order can be submitted per player at any given time.

You can try to offer aid to Grognar as well because any player with proficiency in: Carpenter's Tools, Smith's Tools, or Leatherworker's Tools can use their downtime to work with Grognar to contribute 250 GP of work each week.

Additionally, while Grognar is working, he can serve as a teacher to any PC who wants to gain proficiency with Smith's Tools.

To request a specific monster part all you would need to do is make it known when you sign up for the arena in #arena-queue For example: Check Mileva level 8 (Elven Chain)

Available Items

The currently available items are listed below

Level 4+
Adamantine Weapon = 500 gp + Base item
Adamantine Armour = 2,500 gp + Base item + 5 lbs of material from a CR 5+ Creature made from metal
Javelin of Lightning = 1,500 gp + The hide of an CR 5+ creature that is immune to lightning

Level 6+
Elven Chain = 3,500 gp + Essence of a CR 5 Creature that hovers
Armour of Resistance = 5,000 gp + Skin of a CR 7+ Fiend
Ring of Resistance = 5,000 gp + A gem scarred by the damage-type of the desired resistance.

Level 11+
+2 Weapon = 4,000 gp + Base Item + Heart of a Treant (wooden weapon) or a bone from CR 9+ creature that casts spells
+2 Armour (excludes shields) = 4,000 gp + Base item + Scales/shell of a creature with Natural Armour (AC 18+) or Blood of a CR 10+ Celestial
Sword of Sharpness = 7,000 gp + Base Item + Stomach acid of a CR 10+ Monstrosity
Sword of the Paruns = 7,000 gp + Base Item + Two hearts from the same species of monster each of a CR 10+
Dragon Scale Mail = 6,000 gp + Hide of specific Adult or Ancient dragon corresponding to the desired armour type
Sapphire Buckler = 4,000 gp + Hide of a Sapphire dragon or 25,000 gp worth of sapphires


Remember that items purchased through Grognar cannot then be sold to Mustard for Motes