How to Quest

Joining a Quest

Every 1st and 15th of the month, new quests appear at #quest-board and allow your character to go on an epic adventure. If you are not currently in a quest, this would be the opportunity for you to select a new one to engage with for rewards, gold, and XP! The process is extremely simple and fair to get into a quest you want.

Help Us Help You: We need accurate information to provide the best opportunities and deliver the quests you're looking for. Make sure you keep #server-statistics up to date as you join and complete quests!


  1. Prepare
    1. Make sure your #server-statistics is up to date
    2. Wait for new quests (a day before the 1st or 15th)
  2. Selecting Quests
    1. Read through the quest write-ups
    2. React with your ,, and  choices
    3. Mark additional quests with a 👍
    4. Wait for the announcement!
  3. Joining the Quest
    1. Update your #server-statistics
    2. React to the prescribed role in #adventuring-information
    3. Enjoy the fun!

Selecting Quests

Getting in a quest on a priority basis for both the players and the quest. This means you can select the quests you are most interested in joining, and then our patented selection process finds the perfect match for everyone.

New quests appear on #quest-board a day or two before they start, and will include a ~24 hour period to make selections. Find the quests that seem most interesting to you and that is appropriate for your level. Pick your favorite quests by considering the description, DM time zone, difficulty, and speed.

Once you have picked the quests you are interested in, sort them by your first, second, and third favorite selections. For these quests, you will add a single reaction for ,, and  for the respective quest posts. You can only pick one each, so rank carefully!

If there are any other quests not in your top 3 that you qualify for and wouldn't mind joining, drop a 👍 on those quests. These will be the fallbacks in the worst case scenario where you don't get your top 3 (which is exceedingly rare to have never happened).

Note: The quest priority selection system uses a method which is designed to be most fair to all players, provided players give their honest opinions on their quest priorities. Don't worry about the number of people interested in a quest or try to work around the system. Just give your true feelings of your choices and we'll figure the rest out for you!

Joining the Quest

Quests slots are divvied out according to the desires of the players and needs of the quests. Once this is done, an announcement is made denoting the quest, the channel, and who is in the quest. Head to #adventuring-information and select the reaction to get the role for the quest you were assigned. The RP, OOC, and dice channel will appear in your channel list. Head over and say hello!

Engaging in Quests

Taking Actions

Please be as concise as possible in your action descriptions and label targets clearly.

  • All commands surround the words on both sides.
  • HP should be listed at end of action.

HP 19/44

  • All actions (attacks/checks/saves) should be bold.

Scorching Ray, Rapier, 18 Perception, 13 Con Save

  • Moves should be underlined

(Forward 10ft).

  • If a map is used state grid you can also include the grid position (C15)
  • Example Action:

Ivy moves forward 15ft (C15), and focuses while speaking the incantation to a spell, Scorching Ray (17 To Hit/11 Damage) firing the magic at the enemy creature (Skeleton1). HP: 19/44

  • For these neat effects type the following symbols on either side of your text:
    • Bold **
    • Underline __
    • Italics *
    • Avrae ``
  • Make sure to tag the next person.

Completing Quests

  1. Thank your DM
  2. Update your #adventuring-information and #server-statistics
  3. Post your XP in #xp-log
  4. Post your magic items in #magic-item-log
  5. Post a review in #dm-review