RP Voting

Role playing is a large part of Macguffins, Ltd and it gives the ability for a large variety of players to find their characters voices, personalities and quirks while simultaneously allowing them to meet new and interesting people to forge friendships and share memories with. To promote RP in and around the town of Luna Pine, head into one of the established RP areas and try something you normally wouldn't do. Put yourself out there, make a scene and have fun! At the end of each fortnight, we take community suggestions on which scene was the most fun to read or participate in and put it to a vote! The winners of the community vote will win an in game prize.

RP Voting is a wonderful way to help highlight and reward fun and exciting RP happening across the server. Every cycle players are encouraged to nominate RP scenes they found fun to participate in or read. Scenes aren't restricted to just town or edge rp channels, and can come from quests, shop channels, or more.

On the 1st and 15th of the month, votes are tallied and xp is awarded as follows:*

  • Prizes are awarded to the top three rated scenes where 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will now receive 300 XP, 150 XP, and 50 XP, respectively. For players in multiple winning scenes, you will only receive XP for one of these scenes, that scene being the one with the highest XP reward.
  • In the unlikely event of a tie, we will award scenes either in a (1, 1, 3), (1, 2, 2), or (1, 1, 1) fashion on a case by case basis.
  • Players who participate in voting will receive a flat 25xp reward as thanks for taking part of the democratic process
  • A player who nominates a scene that has come 1st will receive 50 XP if they were not a participant of the scene

How to Submit RP

If you witness something cool, fun, interesting give them a shoutout by pinging the player in #rp-voting with an optional link. For example:

@Khorek (Ouchie) @Finny (gryphon) @Relinquish! (Kaution? are so fun and edgy out in the hill! [optional link]

How to Vote

As part of your nomination please include: pings to the players involved in the RP, the channel it takes place in, and a link to the scene (doesn't have to be the start, just wherever feels right). For the remainder of the cycle, players can vote for scenes they enjoyed by reacting with a 👍. At the end of the fortnight, we'll select the scene with the most 👍'd post and they'll get a little reward.