Request Board

Requests are a way for players to get access to personalized quests. Maybe they have a bit of backstory that want to deal with, maybe they just want to hunt a specific beast or maybe they want to develop their backstory. You can let the DM's know what they want. Head over to #request-board and use the form below to submit a request.

**Name:** <Character name>
**Goal Type:** <Monster Hunt/Information Gathering/Rumor Spreading/Spirit Quest/etc.> (You can choose multiple types if you don't think it fits in just one.)
**Goal Description:** <I want to find my long lost father.> (This description should be of the end goal, not of the process to achieve that goal.)
**Active Hours|Timezone:** <5-11PM> | <GMT -6>

Our friendly DMs will see the request and can offer to help design and adventure for you (and maybe a small group of friends!)