Notable NPCs

These are the most notable NPCs you'll encounter with your time on the server. Many run shops or other services, and can be a fantastic source of information or knowledge for fledgling and experienced adventurers.

qtxn8c1agns21.jpgAbi Dalzims is a little mischievous, cynical and resistant to anyone telling him what he should and should not do, but tries his best to find out what you need. He is missing part of his horn and his front teeth.

Can be found in his shop, Abi Dalzim's Horny Wildlings, selling trinkets, books, scrolls, and other magic items.

half-orc.jpgKronk is an orc of very few words and a long hard stare. He excels at forging blades that help you stick the pointy end into your enemies.

Can be found in his shop, Kronk's Krushers and Kleavers, selling armor, weapons, and upgrades.

raphael-elijah-tolentino-celestial-artificer-updated.jpgSelvomouk Nyekenzidya is a very inquisitive half elven woman with hands typically covered in ink or powder from her experiments. She has somehow mastered the art of pocket dimensions, summoning items out of thin air!

Can be found in her shop, Bottle Shock, selling potions and poisons.

victor-lozada-knight-silhouette.jpgThe temples have woken up their guardian, called The Watcher. This mechanical humanoid is surprisingly knowledgeable about human anatomy and excels at fixing broken bones, healing wounds and making awkward statements about life.

Can be found in the temple to provide restorative services.

0068ea5f931f336e1712ad049d88224b.jpgMailee may look very imposing as she walks the streets, her deep black fur rustling in the wind, her deep red glowing eyes staring down at people and a dark aura of forbidding that surrounds her. However, she is a highly energetic fuzzball who absolutely adores animals, taking in strays and nursing them back to health.

Can be found in her shop, Unfamiliar Familiars, selling high end clothing, mounts, vehicles, and related equipment.

2eb68b3d8855c8dbf1537b0f5c4e0312.jpgVachedar "Ivy" Lavender is a happy go lucky, intelligent purple skinned Tiefling that has found her way to be the owner of the general shop, she helps make the air smell light and sweet.

Can be found in her shop, General Nonsense, selling all sorts of adventuring items and trinkets.


Obrinx is a relatively silent person but will lend an ear to those in need. When he is behind the bar you typically can only see the top of his nose and up. [Photo shown required the tallest of bar stools]

Can be found in the tavern to serve drinks.

image-1599076750647.pngJasper "Jet" Flannigan is one of the many Masters of the Arena. As a former adventurer, Jet uses his experiences to delight the crowds with fantastic combats.

He is currently overseas.

image-1599076737538.pngXhor'lich Zui Huwlworn is the original master of the Colosseum. He went on an enthusiastic holiday a decade ago before deciding to come back and reopen the Colosseum in search of worthy adventurers.

He is currently overseas.