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The Arena (PvP)

2. What to Do Combat

The arena is the exclusive location for player-versus-player combat. If you want to really test y...

How to Quest

2. What to Do Questing

Joining a Quest Every 1st and 15th of the month, new quests appear at #quest-board and allow you...

Request Board

2. What to Do Questing

Requests are a way for players to get access to personalized quests. Maybe they have a bit of bac...

Running a Business

2. What to Do Downtime

Time Required: 1 week Cost: Price of buying the business, NPC salary (if applicable)Rolls: The sk...

Welcome to Macguffins, Ltd!

1. Essential Information Server Essentials

I know joining a west marches server can be overwhelming, so let me try and help you with this si...

Spell Copying and Scribing

1. Essential Information Your Character

With this new update from Wizards of the Port™, wizards, Pact of the Tome warlocks and characters...

New to PbP?

1. Essential Information Server Essentials

“When should I Post? When I am able to be at the computer for a while?” This part can be very i...

How Are Quests Assigned?

3. Slightly Technical Stuff Server Operation

The process we use is the Gale–Shapley (aka deferred acceptance) algorithm, designed to find stab...


3. Slightly Technical Stuff Character Sheets

Using Dicecloud Dicecloud is the middle-road between the "does everything for you at a cost" sty...

Notable NPCs

2. What to Do Role Playing

These are the most notable NPCs you'll encounter with your time on the server. Many run shops or ...

Player Businesses

2. What to Do Role Playing

While no particular channel exists for any of these businesses, you can feel free to talk to the ...

Role-playing Zones

2. What to Do Role Playing

Luna Pine has plenty of places to hang out! Below are all the channels where RP is welcome. Feel ...