Server Snippets

These snippets are attached to various rolls (!r, !c, !s, etc.) to add common modifiers. Simply add the text as a word after the roll to use them, such as !a greatsword gwm guidance hbc to attack with Great Weapon Master with a Greatsword given Guidance and Hexblades Curse.

Several of these will also display the rule for the skill associated with the snippet.

bane: -1d4 from Bane
bless: +1d4 from Bless
dmi: Advantage and use DM Inspiration point from !dmi
guidance: +1d4 from Guidance
gwm: -5 to attack roll, +10 to damage from Great Weapon Master
hbc: Critical on 19,20 from Hexblade's Curse
hex: +1d6 necrotic damage from Hex
hunt: +1d6 to damage from Hunter's Mark
prof: + your proficiency modifier
puresneak: +Xd6 based on level from Sneak Attack (non-magic)
pwat: +10 from Pass Without a Trace (meant for Stealth)
rage: +X based on Barbarian Level for Rage
reckless: Advantage on attack plus rule print for Reckless
sneak: +Xd6 based on level from Sneak Attack
ss: -5 to attack roll, +10 to damage from Sharp Shooter
syn: -1d6 to attack roll from Synaptic Static
tsmite: +2d6 thunder damage from Thunderous Smite