Using Avrae


(attack)-> !a <weapon> 
(Skill check)-> !c <skill>
(Save)-> !s <save>
(Cast a spell)-> !cast <spell>
(Look up spell)-> !spell <spell>
(Look up class feature)-> !classfeat <class feature>
(Feat)-> !feat <feat>
(Long rest)-> !g lr
(Change hp)-> !g hp <number>
(Temp hp)-> !g thp <number>

Quick Intro to Avrae

Checks & Saves

  • Make sure you have the right character loaded (use !char to check)
  • Use !save Dexterity or !s Strength to make a saving throw.
  • Use !check Athletics or !c Intelligence to make a skill check.
  • To any check or save, you can add:
    • advantage
    • disadvantage
    • -b 5 (bonus to d20)


( (Start with !i begin)

  • To enter combat, use !i cadd (stands for "initiative, character-add")
  • To attack in combat, use !i a Target Weapon (remember with "I attack Target with Weapon")
  • To any attack, you can add any of the things from the checks and saves section (adv, dis, etc) as well as:
    • -d "1d6 [piercing]" (extra damage)
  • To make attacks of opportunity, use !i aoo YourName Target Weapon
    • The requirement of your own name is because a single discord user could be running multiple combatants.


  • To cast a spell, use !cast "Magic Missile"
  • To cast a spell in combat at a target, use !i cast "Fire Bolt" -t Target
    • -t is a tag that indicates your target. You can add multiple by doing -t Target1 -t Target2 -t Target3, as in the case of AoE spells.
  • Sometimes, more than one option will show up for your desired spell. Pick one by following the prompt if this happens.

Rules & Lookup

A lot of 5e rules can be accessed through !rule, !class, !classfeat, !race, !monster or !condition. Check them out!