Dicecloud v1

Dicecloud v1 has been cast aside in favor of the new hotness in Dicecloud v2. You can still access your v1 characters through the website and Avrae at https://v1.dicecloud.com, but moving forward, new characters should be created in v2.

Due to changes between v2 and v1, characters created in v1 are not supported in v2. To migrate an existing character, you have to recreate them in v2 using the guide as if it were a new character. We're always willing to help, too, so feel free to drop a message in #avrae-questions if you want help with your migration.

Using Dicecloud v1

When in Dicecloud, you aren't going to be touching the Stats page directly unless you use it for HP tracking. Instead, you'll do a combination of the following: In the "Persona" tab you will see a + next to "Level 0". This is where you add a class and set the level. The base configuration is done through these two tabs to start, by clicking on them and clicking the ✎ in the upper right of the modal. For your race, what features do you get in terms of Base speed, stats, and language proficiencies? You'll click the pencil and "Add Effect" for the changes to stats and setting a base, and "Add Proficiency" for langauge. Plus anything else. Don't confuse the "Add" modifier (default selection) with "Base". In most cases you will add a modifier, but for things like speed you will be setting the base.

Similarly, with your class, you want to do the same thing but use it for Hit Points, spell slots, Hit dice, and all your proficiencies you get from your class. For Wizard, I set my Base Value of Hit Points in this to (6) + (4) * (level - 1). That would be the base die (6) plus the average for each level after 1. You may have to change this if you multiclass (I can explain how if that's the case). All of the formulas you need for spell slots are in the second tab of that Google Sheet I linked. You set those up with that and you will never have to edit your spell slot number again as you level, because it will be automatically calculated.

Features work almost exactly the same way. Throw in the text you want for the feature. If you can only use it X times per whatever, set to "Limit uses" if you'd like, but know that Avrae also tracks this independently. Like with Gsheet, nothing that happens in Avrae changes your sheet. But if a feature changes something permanent about your character (like giving you an attack or a plus modifier) then you can also do that from here.

Otherwise, that should be it. While the initial start can be slightly daunting, it's actually not hard. Just remember if you want something to change on the sheet, you probably need to find a spot to just add an Effect.

Useful Sites and Info

First, you know https://dicecloud.com. That's going to be your (mobile-friendly) bread and butter site, but it doesn't have everything from the get-go. So for this, you may want to use Andrew Zhu's "AutoChar" site. Otherwise, you can follow the advice above and make the site you want.

To get the API key, that's in your account settings after you register on Dicecloud. You can plug in the details to that page, and magically, a character sheet will appear with most of the stuff filled out.

You will need to add your inventory to your Inventory page and clicking the + in the bottom right. If the item is SRD, you can add it from library and put it in the right bag. Otherwise, you'll need to copy the item down from your favorite site.

You also have a spellbook which contains spells, not all of which are SRD. Luckily, there's a thing for that, too, with Andrew Zhu's Spellbook site. Same API key but copy your character sheet URL. Then just find the spells and put them in the list, then click Add.

For anything else special you may need, there is a spreadsheet of common formulas to enter into Dicecloud.

Character Examples

You can feel free to check out some of our members did as examples here:


Relinquish (Tiefling Wizard), Barbera (Variant Human Cleric), Terry Folds (Changeling Bard), "Mister" Jinx (Tabaxi Paladin)

I personally enjoy making categories and coloring them, since things are sorted by color. So I can make sure my Magic Items appear before my boring items (and especially quest items). I do the same for features, although I do some other fancy tricks with <details><summary>Some Text</summary>More Text!</details> to get things nice and compact.

(Written by Kautiontape)