Types of Helpers

Welcomers - The first names you see when you join the server! These are the ones who say hello and make sure you are directed to the right place after you check out the rules.

Sheet Checkers - The next people on your way to being a member of the server. Sheet Checkers are responsible for reviewing your character sheet when you first join to make sure you have everything in order.

Shops - The ones you'll be dealing with when performing transactions in the shops. They make sure you have the cost of items appropriate and help keep track.

Arena Master - Your life is in their hands in the arena, as they run all the monsters and baddies who you have to beat.

Downtime - As you create your biweekly downtime proposal, these helpers will make sure it's in order and give you the 👌once you're all set to make rolls.

Events - Behind the scenes, these helpers invent, discuss, and manage operation of server-wide events and activities!

Statistics - Even more behind the scenes, the statistics team tracks our users and makes sure progression is running smoothly.

RP - The ones who help stimulate the RP channels and manage the RP voting system.

Lore - They are the the keepers and managers of all lore related information on the server. 

Helper roles

Helper Title On-Peak Tasks Off-Peak Tasks
Provide a friendly face to Newcomers and create an inviting and fun atmosphere Be helpful to Newcomers and guide them through the rules agreement process to those that have been around for > 7 days
Be helpful to Newcomers and aid the rules agreement process Locate new servers, boards and places of D&D worship to recruit new players to Macguffins, Ltd
Lightly moderate chat and help point them to character making process Recruitment of new players by posting invite links
  Build a list of inactive players at the end of each month
- Newcomers who haven't made a rules agreement (7 days)
- Members who haven't created a new character (30 days)
- PCs who haven't posted (~90 days)
Sheet Checker
Aiding the transition of players from Members to New PCs in a friendly Manner Aiding the transition of players from Members to New PCs in a friendly Manner if they have been inactive for ~10 days
Helping develop a Members character concept and either answering their questions or pointing them to someone who can help Randomly double checking player sheets to compare player XP to recorded XP
  Ensure player aren't missing any roles
  Aiding Members to put together a character idea for submission
Pitching and assisting in the creation of new and established events Revamping and documenting old events, i.e. rules, previous winners and prizes
Control and management of events through the use of NPCs In character communication and hype of upcoming events
  Upkeep of events document and calendar
Managing the RP voting channel by locating and submitting player links to exception player driven RP each week  
Management of an RP XP bot or manually assign XP to players upon sufficient RP  
Introducing flair into RP channels, e.g. having minor fey themed occurrences occur such as a table suddenly disappearing into hundreds of balls of light.  
Lore Keeper
Maintenance of the #town-lore, #town-bulletin-board channels by posting event outcomes, player or DM driven events, etc  
Working with DMs to manage the Stories of Luna Pines document/Website page  



Leading characters through the downtime cycle by answering questions, rolling complications and determining downtime results Upkeep of Downtime documents and rules
Discussions on server improvements  
Implementing server modifications  
Upkeep of documentation, e.g. player tracking  
Keep Etir happy by making sure that player roles are up to date  
Upkeep of the Macguffins, Ltd website  
Running the Secret Shop  
Controlling the various NPCs to aid players through their shopping experience