Dungeon Masters

Quest Master

A Quest Master is someone that players should feel safe to reach out to them in regards to quest related issues or enquiries. For example questions or issues related to quest sign-ups or if you are interested in becoming a Dungeon Master.

We would like to recognise  for all their hard work and dedication that they have put into Macguffins, Ltd during their time here. Specifically, their initiative, resourcefulness and aid by helping in the organisation of our fortnightly quest cycle, working diligently behind the curtain in our statistics department and offering a helping hand to members, both old and new, in various channels by offering dedicated support.

Quest Mentor

Quest Mentors are Dungeon Masters that have completed at least five quests as a Full DM and have shown a willingness to mentor newer DMs to offer a helping hand while also allowing them to grow and prosper. Quest Mentors can be recognised by the image-1639974584541.png symbol beside their discord username.

Current Quest Mentors include @LightningNevan@Gryphon@Kautiontape@Etir

Becoming a DM

We encourage members to become DMs once they have been here for 30 days and completed at least one quest.
DMs make the server run, and because of how important quests are in D&D, they’re always in high demand. If you’re interested in becoming a DM for Macguffins, Ltd, please reach out to the Admins if you’ve been on the server for at least thirty days and you have completed at least one quest of your own in the server here.