Server Aliases

Available to all players on the server. For more information, many aliases accept a ? to see the help.

Character Management

Character Setup
!level - Automatically handle many class-specific things in Avrae (run once per level)
!setrace - Handle racial-specific features in Avrae (run once)
!manage - Handles many things Avrae doesn't pick up on sheets

Character Tracking Tools
!bag - Manage your inventory in Avrae
!coins - Manage your money in Avrae
!xp - Manage your current XP value and level
!tool - Manage (and roll) with tool proficiency
!prep - Manage your prepared spells
!ch - Quick character changer based on channel

Character Resources

Manage, spend, and display various combat-related resources.

!hp - Manage your current HP (alias for !game hp)
!ss - Manage your spell slots (alias for !game ss)
!rest (!hd, !sr, !lr) - Perform a short/long rest and regain associated resources or spend hit dice
!exhaust - Manage your levels of exhaustion

DM Inspiration
!dmi - Grant a DM Inspiration to your character (with attached reason); use with dmi snippet


Various ways of printing out your character information.

!qstat - Condense single-line stats like HP, AC, spell slots, rage [See !qstat ?]
- (Rage each round with !qrage and end range with !erage)
Alternatives: !ehud, !hud, !vsheet


Perform specific types of rolls, usually using your stats.

Basic Combat Rolls
!conc - Roll concentration check (Note: Avrae combat only)
!grapple - Roll athletics to grapple (with params)
!hide - Roll stealth check and show rules of hiding
!ds_dmi - Roll for death save with DM Inspiration from !dmi

Non-Combat Rolls
!madness - Short-Term Madness table
!potion - Roll for specific potions, lookup rules
!boop - A non-damaging attack (rolls to hit)
!use - Rolls saves for combatants in init. Pulls their save bonuses and relevant effects from the combat.


Combat oriented commands

Generic Actions

!absorb - Absorb elements spell automation (Absorb Elements)
!blink - Roll for end of turn Blink
!hex - Hex (?)
!shield - Cast and display AC for Shield


Commands specific for each class, including general class functionality or class features.

!rage - Barbarian Rage
!surge - Path of the Wild Soul's Wild Surge
!divinity - Cleric Channel Divinity
!wildshape - Druid wild shape into an animal
!fighter - Meta macro that includes several fighter commands (may be outdated?)
!wind - Fighter Second Wind
!smite - Paladin smite
!loh - Paladin Lay on Hands
!font - Sorcerer Font of Magic
!wmsurge - Sorcerer Wild Magic
!recover - Wizard Arcane Recovery
!portent - Wizard Portent


Commands specific for a race, including general race functionality or racial features.


Rules and References

Commands that perform rule lookups or other documentation display.

(See also: !potion and !tool)


Tools for the DMs to help run their quests and games.

Map Utilities
!map - Create a map using On The Fly Battle Maps, including !move and !tokenimport
!distance - Calculate the euclidian distance between points on a grid


Commands to perform games or other quirky fun.



Commands that just display a text or image.

!bookclub - For reminding people about the bookclub!
!cookie - 🍪
!several - "Several people are typing"
!try - "Well you can certainly try"


Aliases specifically for handling Avrae and Avrae functionality.

!avrae - See a brief tutorial on how to use Avrae with common commands
!back - Backup and restore your character variables (advanced)


Functionality mainly for admin usage.

!weather - Calculate a new day of weather (used in #announcements-weather)