Welcome to Macguffins, Ltd!

I know joining a west marches server can be overwhelming, so let me try and help you with this simple flowchart.


1. Join - You are here. You just joined the server and can only see a handful of channels.

2. Read Rules - You are expected to read the rules document thoroughly before accepting its terms. During this time you can ask any question you have on the #welcome channel. The deadline is 1 week.

3. Member - Once you accept the rules A LOT of channels will unlock for you. This is just so you can have access to the server in case you want to wander. At this point you're expected to create a character within 30 days. You now have specific channels for your questions. I strongly recommend reading the pinned messages on the channels you enter and change the server settings to only mentions. Maybe even mute all those channels you are not using yet.

4. New Character - So now you have a character. Yay! By this time you probably have read all the rule documents a couple of times, but may still have doubts. Don't be afraid to ask! At this stage the server is your home. Being very basic about it, there are 4 things you can do now:

  • Join a quest. They are released the 1st and 15th of every month. Just read the announcements and "check" the quest you are interested in joining.
  • Join the colosseum queue. The arenas don't have a release date. They just keep happening. You may "check" the queue and when your turn to go inside an arena comes, you will be pinged.
  • Use your downtime. The 1st and the 15th your character gets 2 weeks worth of downtime. Check the downtime rules and see the different options available and take advantage of them!
  • RP to your hearts content. Remember to respect the RP area rules. Specially two. Ask permission to join an ongoing scene, and don't be on more than three RP channels at once.

And that's it! You can lurk everywhere and chat with the other members of the server at any time.

Welcome to the family!

(Written by Laendri)