New to PbP?

“When should I Post? When I am able to be at the computer for a while?”

This part can be very intimidating to many. The answer on when to post is…. When you can! PbP is inherently a strange critter. Sometimes scenes go very fast if everyone involved is online, sometimes it goes very sloooow when Real Life (RL) gets in the way (RL ALWAYS comes first!). Town RP is often VERY fast as the players involved are all online at that moment so the scene moves fast. 

One of the biggest “OMG!” things I see is people log in and see “50+ New Messages” at the top of a chat channel. My Advice is… DON’T PANIC! If you have time/inclination, read all 50+ posts to see what has transpired. But if this is overwhelming, and/or impossible due to RL constraints, just read the last 5-10 (or more if needed) posts to figure out what is going on right NOW. Assume your character has tagged along, but was distracted by a butterfly, something shiny, a song stuck in their head, whatever. Using the recent posts find a way to jump back in to the scene. Whether it is a response to the last thing said, an action that your character would do based on the last action of a party-mate or whatever, just pick up from that point and move forwards. 

Additionally, you might find that several RP channels are filled with 50+ messages and it is definitely okay to not read every channel or be a part of every story on the server. You are encouraged to meet other players and help get caught up on details you might have missed

If you want more information then make sure to check out Macguffins guide to roleplay!