Spell Copying and Scribing

With this new update from Wizards of the Port™, wizards, Pact of the Tome warlocks and characters with the Ritual Caster feat can now copy new spells from another player character as long as they meet all other requirements imposed by the class, pact or feat for learning a spell. However, spell copying is a fragile, delicate process, and it's going to need its own systems. Thus, we're introducing Wizard Work.

When you copy a spell from another PC, whether it's in the Arena, an RP channel, or on a quest, you must pay the normal spell-copying costs for that spell. However, depending on the level of the spell, you'll need to do more than just that in order to get the spell for yourself.

Copying a 4th level or higher spell? You need to use downtime to copy them! See Downtime Activities for more information.

If the spell is of third level or less, you have a limit-cap of three spells per week maximum copied. However, it's quite easy to copy those spells. All you need to do is mark the spell(s) in #spell-copying-log in the following format:

@YourName learned some spells from @SpellSource's spellbook in #Channel-You-Did-That-In. I copied the spells [Insert Spells and Spell Levels Here] for the cost of [Insert Money Here] for [Insert Time Here] hours.

The person who you copied the spell from must react with a thumbs up to this post to confirm that you did, in fact, copy spells from them.

In addition, you should react with 1, 2, and 3 emoji to show how many spells you've copied for that week, up to the maximum.