Story Summary

A Call to Adventure!


As you step into the outskirts of Luna Pines, the verdant canopy of the dense forest provides a natural ceiling for the lively scene below. The air is infused with the aroma of wildflowers and the distant melody of a lute. A dense crowd have gathered in anticipation for the Festival of Harmony.

Elven families adorned in vibrant attire move gracefully through the crowd. Children with pointed ears chase each other, weaving through the legs of adults. The air is filled with snippets of conversations, creating a tapestry of voices. A firbolg mother urging her three children not to go near the baby dire geese, a drow guard in shining insectile armour complaining to his partner that his gauntlet was crushed by a hulking orc while arm-wrestling, and a pair of young dryads in swimwear hollering as they rush toward the banks of the azure waterfall. Throngs of people, most of them elven or fey weave their way through the crowds, laughing, singing, running, and sightseeing.

Banners showcasing a meat-pie eating contest, while another is emblazoned with the words "Riddles and Rhymes: Unbeatable Riddles!" The festival is yours to explore—where do you want to go?

The Festival of Harmony

The festivities kicked off with a pie-eating contest that drew laughter and cheers from the crowd. As participants dove face-first into sweet, fruity concoctions, the aroma of freshly baked pies wafted through the air. Moon, Myzcali, Tap Tap, Manhik, Zylnaera, and Torrin would emerge victorious over the day.

Herbert and Elspeth, the lovely firbolg couple, hosted a rice harvesting event under the azure sky of Luna Pines. Some teams of two struggled to cut down the rice stalks, while others chose a more...fiery approach. Torrin and Mini (7 min), Zylnaera and Masson (8 min) , Falner and Tap Tap (6 min) where able to encourage one another to victory and embodied the spirit of teamwork.

The arm wrestling challenge, overseen by a local guard saw contestants pitting strength against technique. The ring echoed with cheers and groans as competitors showcased their might, creating an atmosphere of friendly rivalry. Bronwyn, Gethin, Zylnaera, and Blyze were able to show off their muscles!

After a rocky start where Yensen had to calm down a rising mob against a very punchable goblin, a race against the river's current tested the agility and determination of participants. Navigating through the water, they vied to retrieve a spear. Yensen, Velda, and Moon as an Orca were able to set new course records. Moon also cheekily created a large wave to push everyone else across the line.

A labyrinth, masterfully crafted and watched over by a diligent aarakocra, invited participants to test their wit and agility. The twists and turns of the maze mirrored the unpredictable nature of life....Luckily few people lost their way this year.

A strange creature, a male hag, curiously watched over a small riddle games of dragons, celestial objects, and poison. Though it is uncertain how much attention they could possibly have paid as they were asleep the entire time! Nevertheless, the adventurers proved their wit and Icarus had a lovely conversation with the hag.

A pack of predatorial, gargantuan geese were let loose to challenge fair goers to herd them back into their pen. Luckily, no one was seriously maimed but who honestly thought that this would be a good idea? Numen will have her hands full for a while.

Race for the Crystal Flower

As the sun dipped lower, the climax of the festival unfolded—the race for the Crystal Flower. Even the nobles and the High Magister Lady Seraphina came to witness this grand spectacle. The points were tallied, teams were formed and at the beat of the drums, the adventurers were let loose one by one to fly into the sky and scale the mighty pine tree and traverse through enchanted fey landscapes.

The teams faced the gargantuan pine tree, its branches reaching towards the sky. Verdant, bioluminescent arrows guided them along the trunk, through clouds and branches, and into a realm where the mid-afternoon sun mingled with silvery moonlight.

Thick branches animated to block their path and after some trial and error everyone was able to push through tiny gaps while Ferren tried to set the place on fire. Hopefully, that was taken care of... Soon afterwards they reached a split in the path, each direction marked by arrows, one delving into mid-afternoon sun, while the other darkness. The choices were evenly divided.

Some people took the path to the left which spiralled high into the sky and they were blocked by a pair of pillars guarded by ravenous bone white vines. Unfortunately, this is were Icarus had to part with their mighty steed. Pushing through, they would find themselves in an enormous cavern blocked by a landside to one side and a crack in the 100 ft tall dome leading somewhere. Marielle and Moon were even able to find a secret treasure. Most opted to clear the landslide while Moon, Effie, Sam risked flying towards the crack where they discovered a rainbow road filled with hundreds of voices vying for their attention and discovered a shortcut. Effie would hear one voice asking them to find a hidden sanctuary.

Marielle and co. pushed past the landslide and after a brief swim in some very questionable ponds, uncovered a scroll and encountered several schools of vicious flying fish! Nope! Get right out of there!

Meanwhile, down the shadowed path, the contestants would find areas to be bathed in darkness. Velda noticed a glint at the bottom of a deep hole and flew down to investigate. This is where they encountered a pink flying dolphin which telepathically sung sea shanties. Their team immediately fled and left the carnage of the dolphin to the trailing teams.

Next they would have encountered a steep, narrow, verdant tunnel that blasted all with a devastating gust of wind. Unfortunately, this is where Bronwyn, Gethin, and Myzcali had to throw in the towel. However, with some rope play from Irmisz they would help their team cross the wind tunnel. Meanwhile, Mathias would destroy the tablet and turn off the magical wind, allowing everyone else to pass. What a great guy!

Not all was bad though, Moon was able to jump into a pond where they temporarily gained an enhanced polymorph and Sam found a sentient blade that was convinced they were a weapon. Weren't the nicest either...

The adventurers then slowly converged in a crystal chamber where the saturation was turned up to 11! This is where they met the Autumn Fey Lirael and their Moon dragon companion Nalunthir. They fiercely fought the adventurers while offering words of advice. Icarus and Masson helped out the other teams, there is no I in team afterall, while Umberlee's wave returned the favour. Though not all was good times as Marielle made an enemy of Valshoon. Many people tried to claim the Crystal Flower around Nalunthir's neck, Irmisz and Yensen came close but it was Marielle who was able to snatch victory and claim their team the title!

Nalunthir transformed into a humanoid creature and summoned a verdant portal which must have been tampered with as several people found themselves inside a cavern that opened up to the midnight, starry sky. Here they would find a locked golden tome that instigated a vision where a female human, adorned in a peculiar leather armour and tattered white dress, with a shield strapped to her back, and curly auburn hair framing a face that bears unspeakable melancholy would call herself Regna and plead for help from the adventurers. She would pray to the Knowing Mentor and the Dawnfather as she asks for salvation. She requests that they take the tome and visit the site of an evil temple....

Then they would be back in the town centre where they would celebrate their victory in the race and celebrate late into the night. The winners of the race would even receive a golden meddalion depicting a solar eclipse poking out from a mighty tree.