Draconic Secrets

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Shadows have been seen flying over Luna Pines at night in recent weeks. Glimmers of colour, flashing in the sky distract merchants and entrance children. One resident even found a small purple scale in their chicken coop one morning. Something draconic is afoot, but what could it all mean?


The following is a list of important and current plot points that are occurring throughout the Witch King server event. If you have questions or believe that something is missing then reach out to either an Admin or Edgelord

Plot Hooks Notes Resolved (Y/N?)

The Dragons are coming!

A Metallic, Chromatic and Gem dragon have landed in Luna Pines, seemingly out of no where! What do they want? Will this be our demise? Y
Archery Three dragon's have touched down in Luna Pines and are determined to find out which dragon is the best! Therefore, they have set up an archery contest to test the mettle of their champions.





The following is a list of unresolved plot threads that are occurring throughout the server event. These differ to plot hooks as there is not a defined ending. Some example may include the farmers cows escaping because the front gate was left unlocked or a powerful relic was lost by a player because they rolled a nat one while crossing a ravine. If you wish to explore one of these plot points then grab a couple of friends and reach out to either an Admin or Edgelord and they will help kick off a scene.



Resolved (Y/N?)

Fowl scales Why is there a purple scale in a chicken coop? N


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