Story Summary

The Dragons have landed!


Three dragons called Synndra, Protector of the Underground, Dah'kyn, The Fiery Serpent of Sound, and Duchess Anastraxia Valeria Wilhelmina Von Sweetling have landed down in the town square in Luna pines. After an initial wave of fear washed over the town, the mystery would soon start to unravel as the dragons made it clear that their mission is to grab the attention of passers by to determine once and for all which race of dragons is superior to all others. After some feasting, some gem-cutting, and some incredible musical talent, teams were chosen by most of the adventurers and the dragons were off, with promises to return once the events started.

The teams were determined through some...less than conventional means and Talon gourged themselves on most of the seafood. Choosing the gleaming amethyst dragon Synndra would be Irmisz, Velda, Falner, Gasheous, Ruigh, Kerr, Ashgar, Bloop, Fenix, Pophit, Einar, Mileva, Lezelar, and Memory. Others chose to put on their best metal hair and rock out with Dah'Kyn like Kuld, Sam U. Rai, Ferren, Silver, Moon, Marielle, Icarus and Neith. While some preferred a more tempered approach and sided with the regal Duchess Anastraxia like Torrin, Gethin, Bronwyn, Rathorford, Vern, Willem, Jesper, Carlo, Bryzka, Silent Leaf, Maeve, Talon


After several weeks, the sound of wings thumping can be heard, approaching Luna Pines from far off. In the distance, three shapes can be seen, easily recognizable as the dragons who visited Luna Pines previously. The dragons land gracefully, save for a large green one who drops onto a trampoline and then begins ordering kobolds around. The kobolds rush around, planting big wooden planks with targets painted on them, and then running a hundred feet away and placing a longbow with arrows jammed into the ground next to it. The purple dragon, once the kobolds are done, sits up and lets out a roar, alerting everyone to their presence.

Kobolds quickly rushed out to make a number of stationary wooden targets in the expansive fields outside of Luna Pines. The dragon's chosen champions that turned up were given the opportunity to participate in an archery competition with magical bows. The arrows flew from their quivers with skilled precision or wild abandon to strike the hastily erected targets off in the distance. The  area was divided into four quadrants and the targets were particularly small which made them fairly difficult to hit. After three full days of invigorating competition the Metallic team came a full snout and head over the Gem team and Chromatic team which came in second and third place, respectively.  Not deciding to clean up after themselves, the dragons hastily flew away, to return with a new game another day soon!

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