NPC Overview

The following is a brief summary of every important Non-Player Character (NPC) that has made an appearance during the server event. Some are fearsome foes, others are allies while some are trying to mind their own business. More details of these NPCs will be found below in the NPC card section. 



First Encounter
Purple Gem Dragon  
Red Metallic Dragon  
Green Chromatic Dragon  

NPC cards (players)

The following is a visual representation of the character and essence of a particular NPC. This is to allow players, and DMs, to quickly jump into the action and pick up right where they left off even when the the petite forest troll has not left their home for several months. More information can be found here

Major NPCs

The following are the NPC cards for the major NPCs for the Draconic Secrets server arc. These are currently the main players in the games and if there was anyone to be aware of then it would be these big lizards!







All NPCs

The following would be a list of every other NPC that has made an appearance in the Draconic Secrets quest line from the second most important NPC below the main trio to the lowest of foot soilders. 


NPC Mind Map 

The following image is a relationship chart between the various NPCs and factions for the Draconic Secrets server arc. This way you will know of every public relationship and dynamic between the various NPCs or groups of NPCs





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