Role-playing Zones

Luna Pine has plenty of places to hang out! Below are all the channels where RP is welcome. Feel free to start a new scene or ask to join an existing one.

Best route for getting into the RP:

  1. Introduce yourself at the #town-gates
  2. Head to #tavern-bar-room and just see what's happening
  3. Go to #general-nonsense and accuse the shopkeeper of being a hag (or not, your call)
  4. Check for PvE queue in #arena-queue
  5. Look at #town-bulletin-board for an up-to-date bit of current lore
  6. Ask if anyone wants a scene, and they'll help pick a place to scene-up with you
  7. On the 1st/15th of the month, jump in a quest!

I also suggest looking at #downtime-overview when you feel comfortable, and muting channels that you aren't participating in to keep the overwhelm down (see this post).

Town RP Area

  • Town Gates #town-gates - This will be the first small taste of RP for new members, and is where players will drop an introduction and hello. Your eyes would slowly open as if from along and deep slumber, the grass and wind tickle against your skin. Two cherry blossom trees stand tall just outside that main entrance to the mighty tree that you see in front of you. Their light purple petals gently blow around you in what seems to be a never ending light breeze. As you step past these natural gate you gain a sense of happiness, as if this is where you should be
  • Town Square #town-square - A common meeting point and market center for citizens and adventurers looking to have casual chats out in public. The location of many activities and public gatherings.
  • Guard House #town-guard-house - The place to go if you need an authority figure ... or if you get in some trouble! Some may find themselves jailed here for some time to be visited, while others can arrive to air grievances to the captain.
  • Bar Room #tavern-bar-room - Always open, another common meeting point for those looking to have casual chats or hoping to run into someone. This is a great place for players dipping their toes into RP to have a session happen spontaneously.
  • Tavern Upper Floors #taver-upper-floors - Is a cosy nook that serves as a common area for the upper floor. It is a place to wind down and take things slow with other players. It is a slow posting channel
  • Tavern Rooms #tavern-{east,west,back}-room - These sets of rooms in the tavern can be saved for smaller and intimate affairs, or set aside for large parties. Helpful you want to be in a bar but don't want the scene open.
  • The Library #town-the-library - A place for books and research, especially if you're looking to unlock new discoveries. Popular for wizards to share knowledge, and druids to cause disruption.
  • Observatory #observatory} - The observatory atop the Luna Pines library is a realm of wonder, a sanctuary for those drawn to the mysteries of the night sky. A spiral staircase leads to the airy dome, its walls adorned with intricate constellations and celestial motifs.
  • Other Town #town-{1,2,3,4,5} - Additional overflow if you want a scene that doesn't fit in with any of the categories above.  This is traditional for some of the various player-owned shops or tavern rooms. Open up and mention where you will be, and have fun!

Edge of Town RP Area

  • Temple Main #temple-main - Main temple area, popular for people wishing to seek cleansing or a place to pray. On the outskirts of town resides the temple, open to all kinds of neutral and good aligned deities. Some stories say that the entrance to the temple is that of a long forgotten nature goddess gave up her form to protect the town from a great evil. 
  • Temple Gardens #temple-gardens - Soft and serene location for anyone looking to get away from town and have softer moments.
  • Temple Kitchen #temple-kitchen - Another location associated with the temple that allows any passing adventurers a chance to stop by and start a discussion.
  • The Cemetery #the-cemetery - Visit lost ones or look for a place to escape from the living for a bit. Surrounded by a low stone wall, the cemetery of Luna Pine is located in the midst of a grassy field near the temple on the outskirts of town. Filled with gravestones marking simple plots and various ornate crypts and mausoleums, the cemetery houses several generations of the dead, predating this present settlement.
  • The Horse Farm #the-horse-farm - If you have a horse or need to borrow one, this is obviously the place for you! You can tend to your large animal friend.
  • The Roots #the-roots - Another place to really escape the bustle of the city, and popular among artists, rangers and druids looking to have time to commune with nature. The roots of Luna Pine are a quiet place underneath the city and is often visited by students, scholars and people who need five minutes to themselves or to feel more connected to nature. It is extremely quiet down here.
  • The Grove #the-grove - Druids would feel right at home in this place of serenity, as they practice and share wild shaping techniques.
  • The Hill #the-hill - Go on a long walk and maybe find some company as you journey in this area off the beaten path. Just outside of town rests a number of large, gentle sloping hills that are home to several oak trees always in full bloom. The colours of their leaves range from deep burnt oranges to crimson reds to deep purples.
  • The Pond #the-pond - An underground pond, this is a place to escape and chill, whether you are an artist looking for inspiration or a Triton looking for a place like home. It always feels a little bit magic. Nestled within the roots, the indoor pond seems to have been naturally crafted by the dripping of purified water down the thick roots of the tree. Descending down several winding staircases you would be met with a large expanse of crystal blue water tucked inside a smooth barrier of stone and packed dirt, above would be a ceiling of twisting, closely packed vines and roots where a number of fireflies have made their home
  • Other Edge #edge-{1,2,3,4,5} - Additional overflow if you want a scene that doesn't fit in with any of the categories above. This is the place for some of the player-owned businesses that sit outside of town, or for people gathered outside town for an event (including the errant portal).
  • The Fortress #fortress - Liberated from the corrupt Underground, the fortress is now owned by the town of Luna Pine to honor and thank those who sacrifice themselves for the town.

  • Wall of Trees #wall-of-trees - A network of densly packed vibrant trees that offer an enchanting atmosphere and was created by Relkath during his invasion. 
  • Azure Waterfall #azure-waterfall - A magic waterfall that dances and cascades over the mountainous cliffs. The water would flow normally and defy gravity.
  • Hot Springs #hot-springs - A tranquil sanctuary where magic and nature entwine. Billowing tendrils of steam rise like ethereal spirits from a series soothing, heated pools that dot the landscape, surrounded by lush trees.

    Make sure to check out the Muting Channels guide to curate your Discord so you aren't bombarded with notifications from every channel! This page will help you understand the purpose of each channel to provide 

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