2. What to Do

Learn about the server and what you can do once you're a member!

Role Playing

Role Playing

Guide to RP

Welcome to the RP zones! A land of beauty, drama, and character development await you! What you will find here is a few tips and even some rules that will help better your RP experience and help you and your character to grow as a player, writer, and roleplayer! Read on, for more information:

For a list of places to RP, check out Role-playing Zones

RP Channels

We’ll be focusing on three very important channels: town-ooc, town-lore, and town-dice.


This channel provides a brief overview of the town and setting for the server. Honestly, this should be your first stop upon joining the server and going to the RP-zone to hop into the fun. You should read up on the town and location you are at to get a better understanding of where you are. 


OOC stands for “out of character.” It means talking to other players as a player and not as a character. All OOC talk goes into channels like these

One or two lines of ooc in the rp zones may be fine; i.e. (Hey I didn’t say that!) (Sorry, fixed!) But they should be deleted right after acknowledgement to keep the rp zones clean and immersive.


This is where all rolls that relate to the rp go. All of them. It is frowned upon to do a roll in any other channel and they are all put here to keep the rp zones clean, neat, and not to break immersion. Please make sure to go here for any saves, checks, spells, etc.

Roleplay Etiquette

Now that you’re familiar with the use of the most important channels, let’s get to roleplaying itself! We’ll be be focusing on opening a scene, making a post, sentences, how to roleplay, and good rules of etiquette! 

The first thing is to always strive to use proper sentences and grammar. Speech grammar is a different thing, because people talk in different ways and you may wish to convey that through the grammar, but action grammar is different. Please make use of proper sentences and punctuation.

Starting a scene

When you start or open a scene in one of the rp channels, you will need to use the following format when you first enter a scene. 

Scenes can be reserved if there are other scenes open. However, before you reserve a scene, please be courteous and make sure there are many other scenes open. We don’t want everyone to be closed out of the rp-zones just because all scenes are closed!

This server has also been rated PG-13. Parental discretion is advised for under 13. This is VERY important! This means to not fill your post with swears, no overt nudity, no sexual themes, and no hardcore violence.

Remember to always be considerate of fellow roleplayers! They’re out here to have fun and many are just as excited to roleplay as you are!

Roleplay Formatting

Now that you’re familiar with the use of the channels, let’s get to roleplaying itself! We will be focusing on making a post, sentences, how to roleplay, and good rules of etiquette! 

The first thing is to always strive to use proper sentences and grammar. Speech grammar is a different thing, because people talk in different ways and you may wish to convey that through the grammar, but action grammar is different. Please make use of proper sentences and punctuation.

When writing for roleplaying always use the following rules:

*She walked over to the bar. She picked up her drink and downed it.* “Whew! That is strong!”

That is an example of a good rp post. The sentences are well structured but you can always make them a little more variable.

*Wait. Wait. What? What happened here? He barely could believe what he just heard!* “What!? You what!?”

Again, another good example of an rp post. As shown here, you can include some insight into the character’s inner thoughts in italics.

"I really am a noblewoman, here look at my documentation!" 
*Sarah tries her best to convinces the guard that she is an official noblewoman by showing a crudely drawn document, but her words are falling upon deaf ears*
**Persuasion 2**
*Sarah was getting tired of arguing with the guard so she would wave her finger in a circle*
"You will let me through" 
**Sarah casts Suggestion**

This is a good example of displaying meta information in an RP post. The first helps the DM keep track of what has been rolled so it can be referred back to later on, which is helpful with the slower pace of PbP. The second helps differentiate between when a player is simply describing an action or specifically using an ability. Here, Sarah casts Suggestion but it would be difficult to understand that if it were not bolded.

Another thing to consider: please refrain from using “text speak” “idk. Brb. lol” for in-character posts. Roleplaying is meant to be writing a story and to immerse yourself as your character and get to learn about them and to have fun seeing them interacting with others! You will make friends, enemies, rivals, and maybe even fall in love!

It is considered good etiquette to write in passive verbs. This allows for flexibility with responses and implies consent when partaking in an action with another player. It is considered rude to control another person’s player or try to make them react when you don’t play that character.

Good example:

*Joe would offer Jake him a glass.*
*Jake would take the glass.* “Thanks, friend!”

Bad example:

*Joe would offer Jake the glass. Jake thinks on how great a friend Joe is and takes the glass.*

See? Jake did not get a chance to say whether or not he wanted the glass and lost control of his own character. No one likes that.

On that note: Any saves or skill checks done on another player can be ignored by that player. Even if you got a Crit on a Persuasion, that PC(Player Character) bard you’re trying to pick up still has a choice not to go with you. That sleight-of-hand you made to steal from the Paladin can still be caught.

Also: do not take roleplays too seriously! You are your character, but not your character! If your character enters a relationship with another character, you are not dating the player. Your character is dating the character. If your character hates another character, you do not hate the player, your character hates that character, but you and the player can be friends and laugh at how your characters hate each other. We are writing a story!

Now, look at you! Reading all the way down to here and ready to roleplay! But hold on there, tiger, there’s still a few things that you need to keep in mind before you go out there and give ‘em hell!

Combat RP

In combat, the structure for descriptive text is more or less the same as above. However, in order to make combat easier for the DM to keep track of who’s doing what damage, it’s expected that you post all your combat actions and meta information such as your rolls, any saves the DM must make, the consequences of failure and so on in bold at the end of a post.Setting Scenes

*Sarah attacks John as he moves out of range, seeing her chance to go for an attack. On her next turn, she summons magical energy to surround her quarterstaff. Then she goes for an attack on John, following him out of the room.*


**Movement: A1 > A6**
**Reaction - Attack of Opportunity - 9TH 9 bludgeoning DMG (John)**
**Bonus action - Cast Shillelagh - timer 1/10**
**Action - Melee attack w/ Shillelagh - 22TH 10 magical bludgeoning DMG (John)**

As you can see, all of this contains information that the DM can use when coordinating fights - of course, the DMs can look these up manually, but it saves time and makes their lives easier. Note that some things aren’t always too important to keep track of, such as Shillelagh’s timer. However, others like the damage type are important so the DM can accurately factor in resistances and immunities.

When you finish your descriptive text, it’s encouraged for you to type !qstat straight after your post. This will make Avrae post a constant statline that updates when you use its commands to roll.


The example above shows, in order: health points, Armor Class, spell slots in increasing order and Wild Shape tokens. The example character, Sarah, is a druid, which is why she has these tokens. Other classes will have their own tokens e.g. Cleric divinity, Barbarian rage, etc.


When entering an RP channel, there is no guarantee an NPC will be there to interact with you, but you can assume their actions within reason. For example, when you enter the tavern, you can assume you get a drink, eg: 

The Tarrasque orders a large drink, then sits, crushing his chair. He thanks the bartender when it arrives, tipping well, and takes a sip.

Try not to do anything you don't want to pay the price for as your PC, like murdering someone or going into the cash box. Eventually everything catches up to you in the town.

There is also no actual OOC gold cost for food or lodging while in the RP zone, it is all implied. So no need to subtract anything from your sheet when ordering or saying you stay in an inn.

End Scenes with **End Scene** if you and your RP partners are done, or **Exit Your Name** if you're the only one leaving.

We hope you enjoyed this little guide to roleplaying and keep checking in because more may be added in the future!


On the Tuesday of every week (AEST), the participation of each player in the RP zones on the server is determined. Players are awarded ~200 XP per scene depending on if they have made a meaningful contribution to the scene. A couple word responses or parking your character in a scene with one or two posts will not be enough to count towards the weekly XP. The deadline for a scene or post to be counted towards the weekly RP XP is 11:59 pm on the previous Monday (AEST). 


Role Playing

Role-playing Zones

Luna Pine has plenty of places to hang out! Below are all the channels where RP is welcome. Feel free to start a new scene or ask to join an existing one.

Best route for getting into the RP:

  1. Introduce yourself at the #town-gates
  2. Head to #tavern-bar-room and just see what's happening
  3. Go to #general-nonsense and accuse the shopkeeper of being a hag (or not, your call)
  4. Check for PvE queue in #arena-queue
  5. Look at #town-bulletin-board for an up-to-date bit of current lore
  6. Ask if anyone wants a scene, and they'll help pick a place to scene-up with you
  7. On the 1st/15th of the month, jump in a quest!

I also suggest looking at #downtime-overview when you feel comfortable, and muting channels that you aren't participating in to keep the overwhelm down (see this post).

Town RP Area

Edge of Town RP Area

Role Playing


Whether it's new armor or weapon, healing potions or components, a small furry friend, or even some rare items, shops are where you'll be placing orders and trading your hard earned gold for items! You will need to drop into a channel when you make purchases. Some shopkeeps even have valuable information about Luna Pine and the world if you ask.

List of Shops

General Nonsense - A cozy domed house sitting in the merchants district is home to all sorts of trinkets, gear, kits and highly coveted health potions. You will be able to find most kinds of adventuring gear here. The centre table always appears to be home to tea, scones and small cakes for paying customers.
Purchase general goods and adventuring equipment here.

Kronk's Krushers and Kleavers - Illuminated by the roaring fire of the forge, Kronk spends most of his days creating simple weapons that allow you to effectively use the pointy end on your enemies
Purchase standard and +1 armor or weapons here.

Unfamiliar Familiars - Mailee may look very imposing as she walks the streets, her deep black fur rustling in the wind, her deep red glowing eyes staring down at people and a dark aura of forbidding that surrounds her. However, she is a highly energetic fuzzball who absolutely adores animals, taking in strays and nursing them back to health.
Purchase small animals and clothing here.

Abi Dalzim's Horny Wildlings - A quaint magic shop modelled after Bottle Shock and sells a variety of trinkets and books, both non-fiction and fiction. For the more magically inclined, the shop-keep will offer scrolls and potions. There is a limited stock. Everyone who steps inside this shop swears that they can hear the soft breathing coming from underneath the floorboards, as if a large beast resides there.
Purchase books, spells, and arcane ingredients here.

Bottle Shock - One of the few completely man made houses in the area. This oddity of a building is always hissing, bubbling or poofing throughout the day then goes eerily silent at 11 pm on the dot so not to incur noise complaints, probably.
Here you will find a large array of potions and poisons but stocks are limited.
Purchase potions and posions here.

The Temple - On the outskirts of town resides the temple, open to all kinds of neutral and good aligned deities. Some stories say that the entrance to the temple is that of a long forgotten nature goddess gave up her form to protect the town from a great evil.
Purchase healing and resurrections here.

Shop of Secrets - Travelling through the busy town square would be a stripped tabaxi male with a long ringed busy tail popping out from his baggy white pants. He would show off his cat like grin closing his eyes and showing off his pearly whites from underneath his straw domed hat with two alert ears poking through. The tabaxi would be pushing along a heavy wooden cart filled with potions, shields, swords and other miscellaneous wears, hanging off the side would be a bushel of freshly caught fish rocking gently side to side. Picking out a nice sunny location off to the side of the road he would kick out the stand to balance his wobbly cart. Undoing the latch he would pull open the side of the cart to show off his magical items for sale.
More information on how the secret shop works and Motes can be found here or by clicking on "Motes and the Secret Shop"


RP in Shops

Feel free to RP away in the shops unless other people are waiting, but don't expect a shop keeper to be there unless you ping @Helper - Shops and get someone to agree. This hopefully will:

  1. Reduce your frustration at waiting
  2. Allow shopkeepers to help when they can without feeling pressure.
  3. Allow you to look at the merch without feeling like you need permission to enter the store first.

Purchasing without Waiting

The shop helpers know that sometimes, life is busy, and you want your javelin or health potion, but a helper is not around to run the NPC for you at the time you are available. There is the option to do NPC-less transactions: PCs can pop in, purchase an item from the PHB list and then log it, without rolls, meaning no discounts or penalties, just the straight PHB price. Spell scrolls, as non PHB items, will require a helper. If you still desire an NPC interaction, we are here for your more complex requests, or just for that little bit of personality in your shopping trip.

To find if an item is in the PHB, use the command !item <item> in the #merchant-dice channel. If it is PHB, Avrae should give you a description and a price, which you can use for your purchases.




Make sure to check out the Muting Channels guide to curate your Discord so you aren't bombarded with notifications from every channel! This page will help you understand the purpose of each channel to provide 

Role Playing

Notable NPCs

These are the most notable NPCs you'll encounter with your time on the server. Many run shops or other services, and can be a fantastic source of information or knowledge for fledgling and experienced adventurers.

qtxn8c1agns21.jpgAbi Dalzims is a little mischievous, cynical and resistant to anyone telling him what he should and should not do, but tries his best to find out what you need. He is missing part of his horn and his front teeth.

Can be found in his shop, Abi Dalzim's Horny Wildlings, selling trinkets, books, scrolls, and other magic items.

half-orc.jpgKronk is an orc of very few words and a long hard stare. He excels at forging blades that help you stick the pointy end into your enemies.

Can be found in his shop, Kronk's Krushers and Kleavers, selling armor, weapons, and upgrades.

raphael-elijah-tolentino-celestial-artificer-updated.jpgSelvomouk Nyekenzidya is a very inquisitive half elven woman with hands typically covered in ink or powder from her experiments. She has somehow mastered the art of pocket dimensions, summoning items out of thin air!

Can be found in her shop, Bottle Shock, selling potions and poisons.