The Rules

We created this server to enjoy 5e D&D anywhere, anytime.

We host homebrew quests, campaigns and server-wide roleplaying opportunities under a loose, shared setting.

Right now, you can only see some of the many channels in the server; This is intentional. We would like you to familiarize yourself with the rules before you jump in. Please read this entire document as it explains all of the next steps you need to take to become a ​member​ of Macguffins, Ltd. and what you will need to do to create your character, receive the ​PC​ role, and start playing!

Please be aware that many of these rules apply to channels you cannot see yet. This may be confusing right now, but it will make more sense once you’ve become a ​member​ and made your own player character. Thank you for your understanding on this.

If you have any questions about anything while you read this document or about the server in general, please ask any of our wonderful ​@Admins​, ​moderators ​(on the server they’re called the​ @Edgelords​), and/or ​@Helper - Welcomer ​in ​#Welcome​.

​Server Guidelines

  • ​Macguffins, Ltd is a play-by-post server using the 5th Edition D&D play rules.
    We err towards obeying the rules-as-written (RAW) of the system whenever possible.
  • ​Macguffins, Ltd is a PG-13 server.
    This is ​not​ the same as a PG-13 movie. It is closer to an assumption that we have people of all ages on the server and should be accommodating for them; that includes limits on “adult activities” such as sexual content, drug usage, swearing, etc.
  • ​Macguffins, Ltd relies on a culture of respect.
    Without our ​Admins​, ​Edgelords​, Helpers​, and ​DMs​, the server wouldn’t function, so it’s important to be respectful and helpful to them and to your fellow players whenever needed.
  • Important Role Definitions
    • Newcomers ​are people on the server, but who have not posted the required message yet.
    • Members ​have joined the server by posting the required message, but haven’t made a PC yet.
    • New PCs are Members that have made a character and followed all the instructions of their Helper.
    • PC​ are New PCs that have decided that they are ready to experience the rest of the server and have sent a message to Obrinx in the Tavern while pinging either a Helper or a Moderator. A DM/Helper/Edgelord/Admin can still be a PC.
    • DMs​ ​are PCs/Helpers/Edgelords/Admins who have been on the server for at least 30 days, completed at least one quest, and have expressed an interest in DMing quests. 
    • Helpers are members who have expressed an interest in one of the following areas: Welcoming new members,  double-checking the character sheets of new members, running the NPC shop owners, sorting the math of downtime activities, and/or ensuring server statistics are maintained accurately for Avrae.
    • Edgelords ​are the moderators of the server. They perform similar functions to the admins, but with slightly less power. They cannot make new server rules, but they can enforce the existing ones.
    • Admins ​are the tip-top of the ranking order. They will always make the strongest attempt at being fair and just in all decisions, but what they say goes.

Server Rules

  • ​English only, please!
    While players of all languages are welcome here, we rely on a single language between all players to facilitate play. If you want to speak with other players in different languages, please PM them.
  • ​No Cheating.
    This ​should​ go without saying, but if you’re caught manipulating your dice rolls or committing any other forms of cheating, you will be banned outright. Roll dice openly in the server’s respective dice channels.
  • One character per player.
    To create an inviting and inclusive environment we only allow players to control a single character at any given time. Characters may be retired or changed as detailed below. This also includes NPCs, players are not able to control NPCs during scenes but are allowed to have implied interactions off screen.    

  • No Swearing.
    This is a difficult rule for many people to adjust to, but we’ve found that banning swears promotes a healthier, friendlier environment and we want to keep it that way.
  • Separate In-Character (IC) from Out-of-Character (OOC).
    Some channels are marked exclusively for IC and OOC use. Remember that IC channels are only for roleplaying. Any channel that is marked with ​-OOC​ is explicitly an out-of-character channel for a respective in-character channel.
  • Use the Proper Formatting.
    Roleplaying actions should be done in the third person, while dialogue should be in the first person.  Spells ​and ​attacks ​should be bold. A player’s ​general actions ​(lower case a) should be in ​italics​. “Speech should be bordered with quotation marks.” Last, but not least, proper spelling and grammar are important!
  • PvP is Not Allowed.
    With the sole exception of the PvP arena, player-versus-player combat is strictly prohibited. Do not attempt to engage or provoke PvP outside of the dedicated area, and all PvP relies on mutual consent; other players can ignore aggressive actions if they’d like to.
  • Mutual Actions Need Consent.
    We rely on a culture of consent for all of our actions between PCs. Please get the other person’s consent before doing actions that directly involve them, especially sensitive actions such as touching, kissing, or fighting.

Rules Agreement

Once you’ve read and agree with all the rules, please copy (written, not a screenshot) the following statement, ​add any heart emoji to the end of it​, and send it to the ​@Helper - Welcomer ​in ​#welcome​. Other than including it in your message, don’t mention or discuss the emoji in #welcome.


After you have made this rules agreement, a ​Welcomer Helper​ will upgrade your role to ​Member​, which will open up more server channels for you. From there, you will be able to make your own player character ​using the information on the following pages​ and be upgraded to the ​PC​ role. Be aware that you only have 7 days once joining to make this rules agreement, and 30 days after making the rules agreement to make a character. Please reach out to an ​Admin​ or ​Edgelord ​if you believe there would be a reason for you to be unable to comply with those time limits, and they’ll be happy to do what they can to help you out!

Server Setting and Flavour

Macguffins, Ltd uses a loose version of the Forgotten Realms setting.

While we use the Forgotten Realms as a rough grounding for our setting and our world, it is not explicit or definite. The “central hub” of the server is the fictional town of Luna Pine in central Faerun, but it is surrounded by places and people that may or may not exist in the default Forgotten Realms setting. As a player, feel free to either use or ignore the Forgotten Realms in your character’s background, as long as you don’t “break” the setting (like by having a character from the Star Wars universe). Our DMs may use Forgotten Realms canonical locations, events, or characters—and make up their own as they feel is needed.

Luna Pine is an intentionally Well-Defined Location.

Luna Pine is a very flexible town, as it can turn itself into anything a player needs it to be as necessary. There are few set locations, and no set maps or layouts of the town in order to allow the most freedom for player interactions. Feel free to create whatever is necessary to enjoy yourself in town, though be aware that it is unlikely that you will be able to get much “support” with it from NPCs or other figures, as such interactions would have to be run by an ​Admin​ or ​Edgelord​. Please be respectful and consistent with such creations, though; if you enter a scene that is currently defined as “the bakery”, don’t change it to “the shoe-shop”, for example. Additionally, if a DM is running a quest inside the city, their word is law for what is in the city and you must respect that.

Re-flavouring mechanics is completely allowed as long as the mechanics do not change.

“Re-flavouring” is a tool that we can use to make a race, item, feature, or general mechanic appear to be another one without changing what the item is. Re-flavouring can come in many different forms; for example, a character who wants to play a samurai could say that their longsword is a katana, or someone who wants to play a plant-themed Druid could say that their half-plate armour is made out of exotic hardwood instead of metal. Reflavouring cannot, however, change the mechanics of the item or feature in question. Even if your longsword looks like and is called a katana, it still follows the same mechanical rules as a regular longsword: it still is a martial melee weapon with the versatile trait that deals 1d8+STR slashing damage on a hit. If you have any questions about reflavouring, please ping either the ​Admins​, ​Edgelords​, or ​Sheet Checker Helpers​ in #character-creation-discussion​.   

Implemented “Variant” Game Rules

Below is a list of the variant rules presented in the ​PHB​, ​DMG ​or ​SCAG ​that the server has implemented. 

Please note that individual DMs may disallow certain variant rules that they don’t like in their games. DMs should try to make these individual rulings ​before ​ a PC joins one of their quests.

Used across the Server
  • Action Options: ​Climb Onto Bigger Creatures, Disarm, Overrun, Shove Aside, Tumble ( ​DMG ​271-272)
    • Only these actions are allowed. Look up the actions if you want to know what each one does.
  • Customising Ability Scores​ (​PHB​ 13)
    • We use the 27-point-buy system
  • Customizing Your Origin (TCE 8)
    • You are able to customize your origin as outlined in TCE but not able to use Custom Lineage.
  • Diagonals​ (​DMG​ 252)
    • First diagonal costs 5 ft, second costs 10 ft, third costs 5ft, etc. We all know this one.
  • Dragonborn Variants (EGtW 168 and FTD 11) 
    • Draconblood and Ravenite are allowed.
    • Gem and Metallic are allowed.
  • Equipment Sizes​ (​PHB​ 144)
    • Mis-sized equipment must be properly resized.
  • Feats​ (​PHB​ 163 - 170)
    • You can take a feat instead of an ASI.
  • Half-Elf Variants​ (​SCAG​ 116)
    • Half-elves can choose which race of elf they hail from instead of taking Skill Versatility.
  • Hitting Cover​ (​DMG​ 272)
    • Chance of cover being hit (even if the cover is another creature) on a missed attack).
  • Human Languages​ (​SCAG​ 112)
    • You can choose the different local languages available in the forgotten realms.
  • Human Race Variant​ (​PHB​ 31)
    • You can choose to take the variant human option that gives a feat at level 1.
  • Inspiration (​PHB​ 125 and ​DMG​240)
    • Player may be awarded an inspiration die to be used during a quest.
  • More Difficult Magic Item Identification​ (​DMG​ 136)
    • Magic items require the ​identify​ spell or experimentation with the item to determine their properties.
  • Multiclassing​ (​PHB​ 163 - 170)
    • Multiclassing is allowed.
  • Optional Class Features (TCE 9 - 42)
    • Optional class features are available to any character.
  • Planar Effects​ (​SCAG​ 50 0 67)
    • In the unlikely event that planar travel occurs, the planar effects rules will apply.
  • Playing on a Grid and Using Miniatures​ (​PHB​ 192 and ​DMG ​250 - 252)
    • Not really a variant rule, it’s pretty standard. Squares cost 5 ft of movement.
  • Svirfneblin Magic ​(​SCAG​ 115)
    • Can take the Svirfneblin Magic feat (gain the ability to cast a few racial spells).
  • Variant Backgrounds ​(​PHB​ 130 - 139 and ​SCAG ​145)
    • All background variants are allowed as printed.
  • Warhorse Armour ​(​PHB​ 310)
    • Horses can wear armour. Pretty straight forward.
  • Tiefling Race Variants ​(​SCAG​ 118)
    • Winged​ Tiefling is not allowed, all others are.
DM approval
  • Flanking​ (​DMG​ 251)
    • You gain advantage on attacks when flanking your target.
  • Massive Damage​ (​DMG​ 273)
    • Extra effects if the creature/PC takes half their health in damage from a single attack
  • Scroll Mishaps ​(​DMG​ 140)
    • If the caster fails to cast from a spell scroll, make a DC 10 Intelligence check or suffer consequences.
  • Skills with Different Abilities ​(​PHB​ 175)
    • With a good enough explanation, you can substitute one ability score for another on a skill check.
  • Ability Check Proficiency (​DMG​ 263)
  • Action Option:  Mark (​DMG​ 271-272)
  • Alien Technology (​DMG​ 268)
  • Background Proficiency (​DMG​ 264)
  • Cleaving Through Creatures (​DMG​ 272)
  • Crafting a Magic Item (Until downtime is established) (​DMG​ 128)
  • Encumbrance (Within reason) (​PHB​ 176)
  • Epic Heroism (​DMG​ 267)
  • Explosives (​DMG​ 267)
  • Facing (​DMG​ 252
  • Fear and Horror (​DMG​ 266)
  • Firearms (​DMG​ 267)
  • Gritty Realism (​DMG​ 267)
  • Healer’s Kit Dependency (​DMG​ 266)
  • Healing Surges (​DMG ​266)
  • Hero Points (​DMG​ 264)
  • Initiative Variants (​DMG ​270)
  • Injuries (​DMG​ 272)
  • Level Advancement without XP (​DMG ​261)
  • Loyalty (​DMG ​93)
  • Milestone Experience (​DMG​ 261)
  • Mixing Potions (​DMG​ 140)
  • Morale (​DMG ​273)
  • New ability Scores: Honour and Sanity (​DMG ​264)
  • Only Players Award Inspiration (PHB 12, ​DMG ​240)
  • Personality Trait Proficiency (​DMG​ 264)
  • Piety (​DMG ​23)
  • Plot Points (​DMG​ 269)
  • Proficiency Die (​DMG ​263)
  • Side Initiative (​DMG ​270)
  • Slow Natural Healing (​DMG​ 267)
  • Speed Factor (​DMG ​270 - 270)
  • Spell Points (​DMG​ 288)
  • Training to Gain Levels (​DMG​ 131)
  • Wands that don’t recharge (​DMG​ 141)

Character Creation

Allowed Materials

You can use material from any of the following official sources for your character:

  • The Player’s Handbook
    • Variant Humans
  • The Dungeon Master’s Guide
    • Death Cleric and Oathbreaker Paladin only
  • The Elemental Evil Player’s Companion
  • The Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide.*
    • Battleragers must be dwarves
    • The Winged Tiefling variant option is not allowed
  • Volo’s Guide to Monsters
  • Xanathar’s Guide to Everything
  • Tortle Package
  • Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes
  • Backgrounds​ from Official Published WOTC Modules
  • Ravnica Backgrounds do not provide expanded spell lists or passive income (note the factions are not present in Luna Pines)
  • Guildmasters Guide to Ravinica
    • Minotaur, Centaur, Loxodons, Simic hybrid and Vedalken.
    • We use the TCoE versions of Order domain, Bladesinger, and Spores Druid.
  • Eberron: Rising from the Last War
    • Changelings, Kalashtar, Shifters races, the House Agent background, Revenant Blade feat, and the Dragon Mark races are available for play.
      • When creating a Dragon Mark race, remember that our world does not have a Draconic Prophecy. Instead, try to work the Mark as either a birthmark or magical tattoo.
    • Artificers are allowed with some caveats.
      • The optional rule of firearm proficiency will not be allowed in the server at this time.
      • An artificers "Magical Tinkering", "Infusions", "Experimental Elixirs" and all other abilities that involve the creation of items can only be shared between an Artificer and their party members within a Quest, Arena or Event (communicate this with your DM beforehand so that they can plan accordingly).
      • When creating an artificer keep in mind that this is a high fantasy fey themed setting and not a steam punk or Eberron setting, magical gadgets are not the norm. Therefore, you should emphasise the casting of spells through innovative means instead of creating a mechanical solution. In order to ensure your character concept fits within Luna Pine's high fantasy setting please ensure you get it approved by our Admin.
    • Warforged are not allowed
  • Explorer's Guide to Wildemount
    • Variant Races, Chrononurgy and Graviturgy Wizard subclasses are available for play.
    • Echo Knights are not allowed.
    • Leonin and Satyrs are allowed but should be tied to the fey-wild in our setting. Enquire within. 
  • Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
    • All subclasses, Optional Class features, Expanded spell lists.
    • All new spells and magic items
    • Feats (not Gunner)
    • Customizing your Origin is allowed but Custom Lineage is not allowed
    • Moving Races ASIs around (Custom races are not permitted to maintain the fey-fantasy theme of the server).
    • Warlock Talisman Boon - note: can only be shared between a Warlock and their party members within a Quest, Arena or Event (communicate this with your DM beforehand so that they can plan accordingly).
  • Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft
    • All races & subclasses 
    • Races are allowed as primary races only not as an add-on to another race.
  • The Wild Beyond the Witchlight
    • All races and backgrounds
  • Fizban's Treasury of Dragons
    • All races and subclasses
  • Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos
    • All races and feats
    • Backgrounds are not allowed
    • All spells except Silvery Barbs are allowed.
  • Monsters of the Multiverse
    • All fantastical races
    • Note: All standard languages are available, and all PCs are considered humanoid
    • If a race exists in this book and a previous book, please use the version in this copy.
  • Astral Adventurer's Guide
    • All spells and magic items except Fish Suit
    • Backgrounds are not allowed
    • All races except Autognomes and Thri-Kreen. Note: the Giff's Firearm Mastery ability refers only to Crossbows
  • Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen
    • All races, subclasses and feats
    • Backgrounds are not allowed 
  • Acquisitions Incorporated
    • The Verdan race
    • All spells except Distort Value are allowed 
    • Backgrounds are allowed
  • Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants
    • Path of the Giant subclass
    • All feats are allowed 
    • Backgrounds are not allowed
  • Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse
    • Backgrounds are not allowed 
    • All feats are allowed 
    • All spells are allowed
  • The Book of Many Things
    • Backgrounds are not allowed 
    • Cartomancer feat is not allowed
    • All spells are allowed
  • Custom Rulings for Battlerager

Disallowed Materials

You can not use material from any of the following official sources under any circumstances:

  • Unearthed Arcana material
  • Extra Life charity material
  • Grung
  • Homebrew content is not permitted to be used for player characters. This includes character creation options (i.e. the Tressym familiar) are not allowed.

If you’re not sure whether something is permitted or not, please ask a ​@Helper - Sheet Checker i​n #character-creation-discussion​.

Character Sheet

Please make your character sheet using one of the three online character sheets that are compatible with our server bot, Avrae. Those character sheet options are as follows:

When your character sheet is good-to-go, please link the sheet in ​#character-sheet-checking​ (make sure it’s shared to view) and ping the ​@Helper - Sheet Checker, ​then wait for them to get back to you. They’ll tell you what to do from there, so please listen to their instructions!


Player characters start at level 3 with 900 XP.

At first level, you have your maximum possible HP (Class Hit Die + Constitution Modifier), and at each level after that you take the average HP for your class you took at that level + Constitution modifier.

Ability Scores

We use 27-Point Point Buy for allocating stats.

This can be found in the PHB on page 13, or can be referenced with​ this website​. The minimum bought is 8 and the maximum bought is 15. Otherwise, the following table has the point cost of each ability score for easy reference:


Cost to Increase



Cost to Increase






















Take the Starting Items from your class and background ​plus​ 300 GP.

If you’d like, you can spend any GP you have on gear or equipment before your character “starts”, You will buy items at PHB prices and selling items at half their PHB price.

You can also spend this money to copy spells into your spellbook or ritual book, if you have one. Please ask the @Helper - Sheet Checker ​in ​#character-creation-discussion ​for further information on this and the prices for doing so.

Character Creation Tips

Aarakocra are permitted, but not recommended.
While the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion is an allowed source, we recommend against playing an aarakocra character. Within the server’s history, we have had many players play as aarakocra and then change those characters very quickly because they were unhappy with aarakocra. It is difficult to make an aarakocra character that is fun and worth playing after the gimmick of “being a flying race” wears off, and because of that, we do not recommend you play as an aarakocra, even if being able to fly is super cool.

Evil characters might not fit in.
Like aarakocra, evil player characters are totally allowed, but we recommend that you do not play as one. The majority of the characters on this server and in the world are good people, and if you are a character who is openly evil, mean, violent, or just a jerk (especially to other characters) you may very quickly find yourself isolated and bullied by other characters, which is a bad experience for everyone. If you do play as an evil character, it is recommended to be at least a social and an agreeable one that won’t make other players want to not interact with you.

Don’t worry about getting your character perfect.
Sometimes it takes time to get to know them. In order to make sure you get something out of the community, you may want to consider these four things to avoid creating a PC that won’t fit in at all. When creating your PC, consider giving them:

  1. A reason to have come to town.
  2. A reason to stay in town.
  3. A reason to go on quests.
  4. A reason to hang out in public places.

Character Death or Retirement

If your character dies, the next character you make starts with the same experience as the old character but not the same equipment.

Character death is an uncommon occurrence on Macguffins, Ltd, but it’s something that does still happen. When your character dies you may have the option to make a deal with a god to resurrect your character, or your friend have the option to pay to have your reincarnated or raised from the dead if they manage to return your body to Luna Pines. If you prefer your character stays dead (or the previous option aren't possible) then you can make a new character. 

If you get bored, dissatisfied, or just want to try out something new, you are allowed to retire your character. To retire a character, you ​must have permission from an ​Admin​, so please reach out to them in a private message. 

Making a new character

Your new character following death or retirement starts with the same Level as your previous character (unless you request to start at a lower level). You cannot pass on money, items, or property from your previous character to either your new character or other characters on the server. You new character starts with the same starting equipment and gold as other new characters, plus randomly selected magic items that are usable by your new character according to the expected number and rarity of magic items for a character of that level (Admin will roll your starting magic items from the table below).

Submit the new character’s sheet in ​#character-sheet-checking​ and ping the ​Sheet Checker Helpers​ and the ​Admin​ who gave you permission to retire with an “@” message, and they’ll take it from there.


When picking a character after retirement, you may choose a previously retired character. The previously retired character must have been retired for 3 months or more, and will have XP equal to your current XP. You may either request to reroll all magic items and receive items similar to a new character of that level, or you may keep your previous items and be granted a number of motes equal to the difference between your current item value versus the server average (as determined by the server admins, if such an adjustment is needed). You may change your build as appropriate for a character of your level, and all PCs are subject to review by sheet checkers.

Down-levelling: XP is cumulative for the player across the lifetime of the server, but you may make a PC who is a lower level than the level defined by your server total XP. If you wish to create a new PC who is a lower level than your current level ("down-levelled"), include in your form when submitting for sheet checking the current level of your new PC as well as the current server total XP and level you have gained on the server. You may choose the level of your new PC, but it must be lower than the level defined by your server total XP. The down-levelled PC will have XP equal to the minimum number of XP required for that level, and you will change your server role to the level of your current (down-levelled) PC. Any new XP gained on a down-levelled character will apply to that character as normal, and it will also apply to your total server XP which you should track separately. If you create a new character in the future, they may either be down-levelled following the rules above, or may have XP equal to your server total XP. You may still only have one PC at a time, and you can not down-level a previously retired PC.

Character Rebuilding

If needed, you may change parts of your character after they’ve been created, with ​Admin​ permission.
Similar to retiring a character, it’s possible to realize you’ve made a mistake with your character sheet or feel like another option was the better choice for your character. That’s completely okay! It happens. If you wish to rebuild or change parts of your character, ​please reach out to an ​ Admin​ for permission​. If you have permission to rebuild your character, submit the changed character sheet in #character-sheet-checking​ and ping the ​Sheet Checker Helpers​ as well as the ​Admin​ who gave you permission to retire with an “@” message, and they’ll take it from there. Please include a list of the things you’ve changed in the rebuild.

When you rebuild a character, you do not lose any of your XP or items, unlike if a character is retired or dies. However, you don’t have the option to rebuild your character indefinitely. Once you have gone past level 5, we expect that you will be happy with your character decisions and will have no need to rebuild them further. This also means we expect you to be diligent in choosing your character’s features after this point. Exceptions to this rule can be granted with double ​Admin​ permission.

Other Important Information

While these aren’t server rules or relevant to making a character, this information may be useful to you or important to know for your time on Macguffins, Ltd.

Safety Tools

While D&D is a useful tool for handling complex issues that also exist in reality, we want strive for our players to feel comfortable with their own personal boundaries. While we encourage open and clear communication with other players or your DM, we understand that sometimes these conversations are difficult to start. The :no_entry: emoji, ⛔, is reserved for situations in which a player finds a situation personally uncomfortable for any reason and want to change the current subject of discussion. If you see this as a reaction to a post or in the OOC channel of RP or a quest, something about the current situation is too uncomfortable and hurting enjoyment for another player. In these cases, change the subject of the conversation and politely move on. A DM may privately reach out to a player if they need additional information about the subject matter to guarantee the player remains comfortable in a quest. If any player involved would like additional information or support then we encourage them to reach out to the Admin and Edgelords.


Please make sure to communicate with your DM, Arena Master, or other players if you’re going to be unavailable for some time.
Play-by-post is a slow format that’s accustomed to taking time and being slow, but it’s rude to have others wait on you for several days because of other commitments that you have. We generally expect you to post at least once a day for any activities or quests you’re involved in, if not more, and if for some reason or another, you can’t do that, please make sure the other people involved there with you know that you’re not going to be there.

As always, if you have any questions about anything in the server, please reach out to an ​Admin​, ​Edgelord​, or ​Welcomer Helper​ in ​#Welcome​ ​or ​#General Talk​ with an “@” message. However, here are some of the most frequent questions that come up for new players.

The Three Timelines

Each player can be in up to three different RP timelines, in addition to quest, arena, and downtime.
In order to facilitate as much overall playtime in a PbP environment, we use three separate timelines for our three major activities so that you can enjoy all of them at once. At any one time, you are allowed to be actively roleplaying in three Town RP or Edge of Town RP channel, one quest (if you’re in one) and in the arena. The PvP arena and shops are considered part of the Town RP. Time is fluid, and you are free to decide how these timelines sort themselves out for your character. For example, you may RP in town as if you had not yet left on your quest until your quest is finished, and then you can “come back”, or any similar methods.

Dying and Quests

Dying can be complicated.
The three timelines functionally mean that at points, you may have three different “versions” of your character at any one time. This can be an issue if something happens to your character and they die or are retired. If your character dies in the arena while they are also in a quest or vice versa, finish them with the same character and ​then​ “die”; though you can have made a new character to enjoy the other areas in the meantime. If your character was in a Town RP scene when they died in another area, it is recommended to end the scene as quickly as possible so that your character can fully die.

Inviting Others To Macguffins, Ltd

To get a server invitation for another person, please contact the ​Admins​.
Invitations are somewhat exclusive, as we like to run a tight ship on server population, so you need to get an admin to give you an invitation link to the server. We would like for you to be a member for at least 30 days before asking for server invites for other people.

Becoming a Server DM

We encourage members to become DMs once they have been here for 30 days and completed at least one quest.
DMs make the server run, and because of how important quests are in D&D, they’re always in high demand. If you’re interested in becoming a DM for Macguffins, Ltd, please reach out to the ​Admins​ or Quest Master if you’ve been on the server for at least thirty days and you have completed at least one quest of your own in the server here.

Server Discussions

The server continues to grow and change with our members to build the best community possible.
Occasionally the Admins will make a decision on game rules or something problematic and troublesome to the server. When this happens, the Admins will release a statement and open a discussion channel. This is an opportunity to clarify the idea, understand how our players perceive the new rule or idea, and then reassess things. We pride ourselves on being open to correction, and so we ask for thoughtful feedback and help in shaping our community. As always, we expect you to be courteous, respectful, and open to others’ ideas during these discussions, even if you disagree with them.

The Difference Between the Arenas

There are two different types of arenas on the server:
Colosseum: A place where our DMs run organized monster combats vs. our PCs. Death is possible here.
The Arena: A place where our players can practice their combat skills against each other in PVP. No deaths. 

Transferring Wealth Between Players

Players are currently able to transfer up to 500 gold to another player without permission. All other transactions of wealth (gold, mundane items, property, etc) needs to be approved by an Admin. Magical items are not available for transfer between players. This does not include the use of potions on another player or the temporary lending of an item during a quest. 

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